Batteri or Powerbank

  • 10 November 2016
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Does anyone know of a quick solution for using Sonos where not powersockets are available?

(I have seen some solutions online that seem to require some altering, which I don't want to do, so a solution that doesn't disrupt the integrity of the Sonos product)

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5 replies

Even if there was one - which I don't think there is - how would you supply the music to the unit, it isn't just a question of power.
My WiFi reach out on the terras but ther is no power and I dont like to have a cable laying around to tripp on.
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Pick up a portable AC power bank, pick a size that will last for the length of time you need music. You just plug the Sonos into it like you would a wall socket.
Yes, power bank is a goog Idea, but I need to find one that workshop in Sweden (Hz, volt, plug). So far the cheapest I found is over 200 U$ and thats to mutch for me.
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$200 sounds like one that will not run your Sonos very long or that will be discharging the internal battery (if lead acid) so far it won't last many cycles.

Maybe go a different direction with a Connect and Bluetooth transmitter connected to a battery powered Bluetooth speaker? Adding a DC powerbank to that will extend play time. I have done that here with good results.