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  • 14 September 2008
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I'm in the process of mulling over a bathroom renovation. One thing I cannot get a satisfactory answer to is the ability to control audio in the bathroom. (set-up is to be ceiling speakers with a ZP100 in the loft). I realise the Sonos controller is 'splash-proof' but i'd rather not have such an item in the bathroom.

I'm currently in a hotel and have found what I think is my ideal solution - although i'm hoping somehow, it can be compatible with the Sonos.

Inside the bathroom is a small waterproof socket with 4 buttons 'On', 'Off', 'Vol +' and 'Vol -'. these have the ability to control the hifi within the main room of the suite.

Ideally, such a switch located in the bathroom would remove the need for the Controller in the bathroom as a playlist/radio could be started outside and once in the bathroom the speakers could be turned 'On' and the volume adjusted according to the background noise (shower/bath running etc...). The 'On/Off' switch is not required, its the volume i'm more interested in.

(one of my [more-mental] ideas is to keep an eye out on the like of Ebay for a faulty (Preferably screen broken, i.e something 'superficial' ) controller and butcher this into a flush wall mount) There must be a better solution that this?!

ANyone have any idea's how this can be achieved? ANY ideas would be much appreciated.


6 replies


You can achieve volume +/- and ON/OFF by installing a simple volume control. Unless you need to run separate program material in the two rooms, you could connect the bathroom to the adjacent bedroom.

A ZP100 or ZP120 will support two pairs of 8-Ohm speakers. If you use the impedance matching variety of volume control, several pairs of speakers can be managed. Be sure to insert a volume control in ALL speakers. The individual controls will allow custom volume levels in each room.

You will need to wire left and right to each of the volume controls from the amplifier.

The controls are available in a variety of forms. I recommend in-wall controls for new construction.
Thanks Buzz - thats an option I didn't think about.
If you could recommend a supplier(s) of such a switching unit that would be great.

(Thinking about it a little more, I could incorporate this to the kitchen roll-out of sonos - if both the Bathroom and Kitchen share a common ZP that will reduce the need for the controller to spend any length of time in messy/damp environments.)


I supplied some links in this thread.

Maybe I am nit picking, but I don't like to think of these controls as a "switching unit". To me a "switching unit" is some sort of central creature that is not much fun to live with (user must constantly run back to the central spot). These in-wall controls are distributed out in the rooms where they are needed. SONOS is a distributed system.

One can buy a cluster of these controls that are useful in situations where wires are already installed in a finished space. This is not your situation, you can run wires during construction.
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I have a zp 100 in the Master Bath (mounted inside the closet above the door on a shelf with wall mounted speakers) and another zp100 in the Master Bedroom. I have a single CR100 that I keep on the nightstand by the bed to control both units. I find that often I link the zones. Taking the Controller into Bathroom is not an issue at all. They are very splash proof. I think you'll find you really don't need it in there 100% of the time and you will be quite happy with it spending most of the time in Bedroom. Just a thought.
Thanks Tripper/Buzz.
I realise the Sonos is spashproof (and a whole lot more than from the sounds of others experinces on this board). However, I want to try and get away from the NEED of having the controller in the Bathroom. As we're renovating the bathroom I thought, if such a product exists, it best to install an option that will mitigate the requirement for a controller to go in the bathroom. Obviously if I don't come up with any suitable alternatives - i'll be testing the Sonos's splashproof-ness.
From a useablity point of view I only want volume controls (i'm quite happy with picking music outside the bathroom) - the Sonos controller obviously has volume controls and a whole lot more - including a large price tag I want to protect.

I'll be puchasing one of the products as identified by Buzz and see how I go with it.
(and i'll post back any results - even if I ditch the idea and end-up dropping the controller in the bath)
if you only need volume control, you can either use the volume control on the ZP itself, or install in-wall volume controls to the speakers. You have to select your source elsewhere, but that would seem to meet your requirements.