Bang and Olafson

  • 24 October 2016
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Does Sonos work with B and O?

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4 replies

How do you mean? There are audio connections (analog/digital) on some Sonos players.
A portable Bang and Olafson speaker in specific.
I still don't quite follow. Sonos can't talk to network-enabled speakers from another manufacturer. And it doesn't support Bluetooth either.

To drive a portable B&O speaker you'd need to wire it to the Line-Out (analog/digital) of a Sonos CONNECT, which would make the whole assembly decidedly non-portable.
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Sonos and Bang and Olafson do not communicate with each other wirelessly in any way.

Sonos Connect unit could be wired to a Bang and Olafson to make it Sonos compatible depending on the inputs and outputs from the B&O.