audio video sync with sonos amp

  • 12 August 2019
  • 3 replies

I am using the line-in on a Connect Amp for TV audio. The TV is a Samsung and the only source is a Roku 3. The audio and video are a bit out of sync, as expected, but the delay varies with the Roku app that is used. When watching HBO Now there is very little audio delay, but when watching Netflix there is much more, which I find irritating. Sling TV is even worse.

I’m wondering if the Sonos Amp can fix this problem. My TV does not have HDMI-ARC, so I’d have to use an optical to HDMI adapter for the connection.


3 replies

Amp's TV input has lower latency -- around 30ms vs 75ms for Line-In -- so it will give you a bit more leeway.
I was hoping to avoid using the line-in with the new Amp. My understanding is that the optical to HDMI adapter will allow me to connect the Amp HDMI input to the TV’s optical output. I’m hoping that this connection will eliminate the audio video sync issues. Am I off-track?
Dolby Digital is Dolby Digital, whether it's carried across optical or HDMI. Both methods would be exactly the same.

So sure, you can use your optical output connected to the HDMI-ARC adapter (sold separately, although included with the Beam) to connect your TV to the Sonos Amp.