Amplifier requirements for Connect

  • 21 March 2017
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What are the requirements for an amp that I can use for Connect? I tried a cheap amp that I had laying around but it didn't work. I am looking to connect to a pair of in-wall speakers in one of the rooms in my house. Thanks.

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5 replies

No requirements per se, except it needs analog line level or digital optical/coax input(s). Not sure why the one you used wouldn't work. However, you should try again with the volume on the Connect set to 'Fixed" in the Room Settings menu. With the volume set to 'Variable', you often have both the volume on the Connect and the volume on the amp set too low to hear anything.
The sound was actually breaking up so maybe it didn't have enough power? Any suggestions on a cheap amp, not looking to break the bank. Thanks.
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I'm not sure any of us have enough information to correctly diagnose the problem. What are the speakers? What is the amp? How is it all connected?
The speakers are Polk Audio RC65i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers. I don't even know if the amp has a is some old thing I had laying around. I am looking for suggestions on a relatively inexpensive amp to use with the Connect. Apologize for any confusion. Thanks.
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It looks like almost any budget hifi amp should do it. They are 8 ohm speakers with suggested power handling limits of 20-100 watts. If you are in the UK I'd suggest a trip to a Richer Sounds or a SuperFi and have a chat with a sales guy. If looking second hand, then as long as it is a stereo amp with a power rating of 100 watts per channel or less then it should be fine.