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Just picked up the AMP to drive my sony Turntable and find the volume is limited. Checked all the settings and no restrictions. The moment I move back to TV or radio it is blasting.


Also do I add to my Living Room system or create a seperate system?

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You will need to provide a few more details like if the Turntable has a preamp or if using an external one.


Edit The line in on the Amp should be set to 10.




It does not and is why I bought the SONOS premap to drive it.


HAHA Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Just set the level to 10 and much better!!!!!!!

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Sonos do not make a preamp, just the amp that only takesline level input.


Unless you have a very high output cartridge (rare) then you should be using a preamp and the signal from the cartridge is very low,


So my other question is before I boguht the AMP I had two systems setup. 

One labled Bedroom which has my Move

One labeled Family Room which has my plays, sub and and sound bar.

Tried adding the amp to family room but kept telling me play would be disconnected so added a room called lounge just for the AMP.


Is this right?

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Yes calling it lounge is fine, a room in Sonos is not physical, you could have called it “record player”


Got a turntable too? That will also be connected to your Amp either via the Amp’s phono input or via a pre-amp into the Amp’s RCA. 


Sorry a lot of questions, but the SONOS site does say I can plug directly into the AMP. It is working and now having changed the setting to 10 the volume pretty good.

So if I buy and preamp and put that between the AMP and turntable it will be better?

There is only one “system”. In the SONOS lingo your soundbar-SUB-ONE’s are “Bonded” as a surround “Room”, AMP and MOVE would be separate Rooms. You can play your turntable in any combination of Rooms. You would “Group” the Rooms in order to play a source in multiple Rooms. Normally one would place the speakers in separate rooms of the house, but this is optional. All Rooms in a Group will be time aligned while playing music.

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An external preamp, one built into the turntable or a very high output MM cartridge is always going to be required for the best audio quality.

In addition to solving the low level issue, a Phono Preamp  (built-in or external) provides equalization. Without a proper preamp the highs will be exaggerated and the bass will be thinner than it should be - regardless of any level issues.


Appreciate all the help and insight.

So any recomendations on a Phono Preamp or I see they call them phono stages as well.

I have a SONY Model PS-LZ300USB

Would rather pay a little extra to ensure a better listening experience.


Last I moved from a Paradigm surround sound system to the SONOS and my 2 plays are about 6 years old and with the addtion to bar and sub which are recent. Is there any imrovement with the Ones or OneSL’s?

Main reason I switched was to lose all the wires and new I would suffer some sound quality.

Any thoughts

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Could you check the model number as there is a PS-LX300USB which does have a preamp built in. If your turntable has a phono/line switch on the back make sure it’s in the line position, then you are all good.


Perfect!!! It was there an already in the line setting. As i said when I moved the settting to 10 that really made a huge difference.


The last question though do the Ones or OneSL’s offer any better sound then my old plays?


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Sonically there is little difference between them.