Amp – listen to music while TV is on?

  • 12 November 2019
  • 3 replies

I’m thinking of getting an Amp to replace a ZP90 and a separate stereo receiver. Will I be able to listen to music (music library, radio, streaming, etc.) when the TV is turned on or will the HDMI ARC connection automatically switch the audio input to the TV? How do you switch between audio inputs?

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3 replies

It depends.  You can force it by turning off the TV Autoplay setting.  However, this means you would have to manually switch back to TV every time you wish to hear the TV source.  You can also manually play the music source after the TV is turned on.  However, how this works depends on the TV.  Some TV’s go really quiet between scenes, and when the audio comes back, it triggers the Autoplay.  Other TV’s are fine with this method.  

Thank you for answering! I think that might work for me with autoplay turned off.

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With my Amp when I had it connected to the TV with HDMI ARC cable it worked fine for music without turning on the TV. The music came through the wireless. I have since purchased a Beam which is paired with a Sub for TV and now have the Amp powering my stereo speakers.