Amp and Totem

  • 12 February 2019
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I have a pair of Totem Arro's being delivered Wednesday. I have an Amp connected to the original Bose Acoustimass 5's now, and looking forward to the Arro's with the Amp - hoping Sonos can make these sing...I also have a Sunfire HRS8 subwoofer to try out.
Anyone driving "decent" speakers with or without a subwoofer and how do you like the sound. Have you compared the sound to other amplifiers in the same price range.
Also thinking about getting a turntable to add to the system, got a buddy with tons of LP's and he's willing to lend me some until I build up my own collection. I realize TT's can be inexpensive and also over the top (relative) can anyone provide their experience.

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7 replies

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Hi, MML. I don’t personally have any experience with this, but maybe other users have. I'm keen to follow this discussion.
For a long time now it has been possible to make amplifiers that do not have any sound signature to them; as long as they are working within the limits of their designed performance, all sound the same if all other variables are unchanged.

The sound differences heard occur from either side of the amp - in the quality of the recording or in the way the speakers sound after they interact with the space they are played in. Therefore, if you like the way the Totems sound in your room, the Sonos Amp should have no impact on how they sound driven by it.
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Listening to the Arros with the Amp. No subwoofer yet.
After a few songs I’m really happy with the sound.
Once the sub is hooked up I’m sure this will add the depth that the 4.5” woofers can’t produce.
Anyone know what the Amp outputs into 4ohms - Arros are 4ohms.
Trying to convince my wife to let me have the Amp out in the open instead of hidden...if I can convince her I’ll post a pic of the setup. I think it looks great. Biased!
More to come as I listen and watch TV.
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Anyone know what the Amp outputs into 4ohms - Arros are 4ohms.
250W per channel into 4 ohms:
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pwt, thanks for the spec and link, I did do a search, but not sure how I missed it.
Hooked up the Sunfire HRS8 subwoofer. Still listening and optimizing the crossover as well as gain. Everything seems to be blending well.
Watched some TV as well, sounds great. I might be adding surrounds...Sonos is too addictive!
Going to look at turntables, thinking vinyl will allow the Arros to open up a little more - over streaming.
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I’m using my amp with Revel Concerta 2 speakers and sonos sub. Definitely enjoying it for tv and music.
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Has anyone tried a DSP.
Look interesting. I sent and email asking about integrating it between the TV and AMP...