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  • 20 October 2018
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Im very satisfied with the Sonos hardware and wireless streaming technology throughout the house, but the content of what we can play on out speakers is thin.

It would be great if Sonos had an AM/FM tuner that could send local radio broadcasts to the speakers around our house. (Think NPR broadcasts from our local public radio stations that aren’t available to stream online.)

Yes, I have a connect, but it’s connected to our stereo system. And I f I want to play the radio through the stereo and Sonos there’s a terrible delay. No good. The only solution at this point is a second connect and a dedicated radio tuner.

Best answer by ehstein 20 October 2018, 16:10

It really isn’t difficult. We just need an FM tuner. Every car that’s sold has one. We just need a Sonos device that can listen to the radio. Not hard.
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8 replies

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Do you have a specific stations - looks like NPR has made it difficult (kinda like BBC).
It really isn’t difficult. We just need an FM tuner. Every car that’s sold has one. We just need a Sonos device that can listen to the radio. Not hard.
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There shouldn't be a terrible delay? Depending on the settings in the connect there will be a delay that will sound like an echo compared to other rooms/zones grouped and playing the same source.
I get around that by cabling my connect into the tape loop on my amp - I can then listen to what is coming back from the connect whilst the connect is listening to the source on the amp. This means the hifi is in sync with other zones (as long as I haven't got any dsp selected on the amp!)
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I don’t want an am/fm tuner in a connected WiFi speaker. It can be added with input if anyone were to need.

So don’t bother answering my question to look into - I’m out.
Sure, there are workarounds to delaying the stereo feed, but in the spirit of a component audio system, just like Sonos has a turntable available that you can add to the mix, it would be great if there was an optional tuner that you can add to the network. That’s all I’m saying.

I WOULD NOT incorporate a tuner into the speaker itself!! That’s a waste.
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I've not seen a Sonos turntable. Not looked though TBH. My workaround is not too difficult, as long as you have some kind of loop or second room out on your hifi it works very easily. It also opens up all your old hifi options running in sync around the house - tape, vinyl, CD and even PC output etc.
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Why, if a local radio station is available via an internet stream, would you want to deal with the hassle of static and antennas to receive a station over the air? Personally, I'd prefer the static-free, hassle-free internet stream instead. Add it as a favorite and it's just a tap or two away. Yeah, you won't win any radio contests listening via an internet stream (since there's usually a delay of 10-30 seconds depending on the streaming system), but I couldn't win those anyway back when I really cared about going to concerts and was listening over-the-air.
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I'd love to see a component for Sonos that would have FM/DAB+ (I'm European, we're killing AM and pushing digital radio instead). Not just to connect line in or something, but to be controllable through Sonos app. A lot of radio stations I listen to do not have online presence, or require a proprietary app that is not Sonos compatible.