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  • 6 June 2017
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I recently moved into a two story house with existing outdoor speakers facing my backyard pool. The pair of speakers are mounted 30 feet apart under the roofline. I initially bought a Connect:Amp to power the speakers but with some testing it seemed like I had to be pretty far back in the yard to hear both channels. I returned the sonos as other projects came up that were more pressing.

Now I am revisiting the problem. Since there is no way to make the Connect:Amp convert stereo to mono in software, I have found an option to connect a stereo to mono converter between a Connect and a third party receiver. That way, I will have uniform sound no matter where I am in the yard.

How have others solved this problem? Am I over complicating the issue? Should I just live with the Connect:amp for simplicity sake?

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1 reply

The simpler solution, if practical, is to move the speakers a little closer to each other. Perhaps 20 feet apart, if your most frequented listening areas are 15-25 feet away from the speakers and you don't sit down to listen at the extremes of a 30 feet wide area.

If you must have mono, I would go with Connect and a third party stereo amp that has a built in mono toggle. They need to be searched for, but do exist!

Beyond that, I suggest living with it. I do just that in my patio. In any case, out of doors isn't an ideal environment for sound quality.