Additional Play 1 speakers not connecting

  • 27 October 2016
  • 5 replies

I have 4 speakers connected to my PC and working OK. I want to add 2 more in sight of working speakers but they will not connect. What could be the problem? All speakers were working before I moved houses.


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5 replies

Hello Rod,
With the description posted it is very hard to help you, could you answer to some questions for me?
What color do you see on the LED of each speaker? (If you are successfully logged to the network it should be solid white)
Did you perform an update of the controller/system?
When you moved house, did you also change your router?
If yes, please have a look at this section :-)

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1st - if you are not using Sonosnet (one unit hooked to your router) the proximity to the other speakers has no reflection on the signal the new speakers are getting.

I personally would run Sonosnet having a budding collection of speakers. That way you get all the music traffic off your home wifi and keep it from bogging down. Then each speaker actually does act as repeater so that if your close to a working one you will get a good signal.

2nd - otherwise if you want info on what is causing current issue I would submit a diagnostic under settings..advanced... and post number here for a Sonos rep to look at your system.

Nefastefanos advice is good in determining what is going on with the ones not connecting.
To both Ste and Chris, many thanks for the answers. All of my music is on a dedicated music unit. The boost is wire to the router. The PC, Boost and 2 Play1s are upstairs. Downstairs I have 4 Play1s. Two are operating and the other two I cannot link to. Based on this layout I assume I am using Sonosnet. The two non-operating speakers are within 6m of an operating speaker. One of the non-operating speaker has a red-white-red-white flashing LED whereas the other is solid white. I have updated the controller each time I have added a device. The router is completely different.
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Yes your using sonosnet. Have you tried a hard reset of the 2 devices you can't add. Factory reset of just those 2.
Chris, thanks for keeping up the suggestions. I reset the two disconnected speakers as well as the boost to make sure it was operating properly. I went through the process of finding all of the speakers successfully. The two new speakers showed they need updating which I have tried unsuccessfully 5 times getting a 1002 error which is not listed on the errors. I now have no visibility of the two new speakers. I am now getting ready to go back to my mobile Bose which always works.