Adding a Pro-ject turntable with phono preamp to Sonos

  • 24 February 2021
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I have a room with a TV surround sound system. So playbase, sub and two rear play one speakers.

I now want to add a project debut esprit sonos edition turntable which comes with a built in phono pre amp.

My question is how best to connect it to this system. I could buy a Sonos 5 speaker which would connect directly and then link by WiFi. However is there a better way? And would having a Sonos 5 in this room disrupt my TV surround sound system or improve it?

4 replies

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It depends on the size of your room and placement of the speaker. If you already have a full 5.1 surround system in your room, I would imagine adding another Five would be unnecessary (even though the Five is the best sounding speaker for music that Sonos has to offer IMO). If you must have the turntable in the same room as your Playbase, you can always connect the turntable to a Sonos Port instead of a Five.

Thanks for your reply - very much appreciated.

The room is 4m x 5m so a reasonable size. I did look at the Connect and Port and Amp but all seemed to have pros and cons and quite expensive just to connect to other Sonos speakers. So a Five may be the answer as I would get a fantastic speaker as well for not that much more money. 

If I get a Five would you be inclined to just use that for music through the turntable or would you connect to all the speakers in the room so the playbase, sub and ones?

Also, is it ok to then leave the new Five connected for the TV and 5.1 surround sound? Or do you have to worry about positioning?

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The good thing about adding the Five to your room is you have the option to play the audio from your turntable through the Five alone or through all of your speakers together. I imagine you would use both options depending on your particular mood.

I wouldn’t leave the Five grouped with your surround setup while watching TV. It wouldn’t technically be part of your 5.1 setup and you will experience a slight audio delay from the Five.

Thank you for clarifying the position with the Five and the surround sound.

I will go with the Five and link to turntable for normal use and list it as a separate room in the app. That way I can separate it and play alone or with other speakers very easily. Thanks again for your help 😀