6 Speakers, one connect + am, one sonos amp, one turntable... how can I do this?

  • 6 March 2017
  • 2 replies

My setup is

4 speakers connected into an amp with a sonos connect, turntable plugged into amp.
Plus a Sonos Amp with 2 other speakers connected to this
All speakers in one room

So I can group them and have all 6 playing when I am streaming music, but when i play a record it will only play out of the 4 connected to the amp

Anyone know a way round this?

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2 replies

It sounds like you've got the Connect: Amp output going to your receiver, but not the input going the other way. i.e. you need two sets of RCA cables, not just one.

Note, I'm pretty sure that there's a delay on music going in through the input of the Connect:Amp, as they buffer it for sending out on the Sonos ecosystem, so there'd be an appreciable delay between the 4 speaker setup and the 2 speaker setup. It's invisible when you're playing streaming music, because it is buffered before it goes out of the Connect:Amp, but if you've got something coming from your amp (like your turntable, or really anything else), the speakers connected to the amplifier will be ahead of the speakers connected to the Connect:Amp.
Ah ok, thanks, so I won't really be able to do it 😞