6 connects to one amp

  • 24 April 2019
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How does one wire up 6 connects to one amplifier (episode 12d 70w)? I have 6 rooms hardwired for speakers. There are 2 global in puts but that doesn’t help connecting 6 zones. Do I connect the Sonos connect RCA outputs to the amps Ch 1/2, 3/4, etc.? If so, does that mean I can’t add any more connects in the future?Shouldn’t I be able to technically add 12 connects since it’s a 12 channel amp? Shouldn't there be a red/white RCA for each channel?

See pic below of rear of the amp.

Thanks in advance

3 replies

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You would hook each Connect's stereo outputs to one pair of amplifier inputs, so Connect 1 would go to Channels 1 and 2, Connect 2 would go to Channels 3 and 4. You would set each pair of channels to selector switch to Line in, not the Global A/B position.

Hook your speakers to the matching output terminals to normal, not bridged.

The drawings starting on page 9 are helpful, your setup will be similar to the Multi-Zone on page 11 but without the matrix switch.
As near as I can tell from the abbreviated screenshot, that amp you're connecting to is mono for each of the 12 zones, is that correct? It's not designed for stereo use?

Is episode 12d 70w a brand name and model number? Can you maybe post a link to the manual for this device?
Let me know if this link works for the manual.
The amp is episode EA-AMP-12D-70a