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Sonos Connect Amp and Speaker Volume is

I just got a connect amp and wired it up with a pair of outdoor Polk Atrium 4 speakers. After I got everything installed I went to play some tunes... I had to have to volume to about 50% on the slide...

Sonos Connect vs Bluesound Node 2 - My Personal Experience

For connecting to pre-existing high-end stereo system, go with Bluesound. If you want good sounding speakers around the house, go with Sonos. I’ve had a Bluesound Node 2 connected to a pair of KEF L...

Sonos connect sound through receiver

I’ve connected my new Sonos Connect to an old Yamaha receiver through the CD input in order to play music on an old pair of Klipsch speakers. When I play streaming music through the Sonos Connect, it...

Adding roberts I stream 2

Good evening I am after a little advise, I have a Sonos Play 5 in the living room connected to a amazon dot a sonos one in the bedroom and a sonos one in the conservatory but a roberts I stream 2 in t...

Turntable with Sonos ones

Can I use a connect amp to use the turntable with Sonos one?

Question about Sonos Amp

Hello all. I am in the market for the Sonos amp and a set of outdoor speakers. I want this to be family friendly as possible regarding ease of use. When I set up the amp, will it show up or can I set...

Ceiling speakers - need suggestions on best set up

Recently moved into an existing home that has Klipsch in-ceilling speakers in five rooms + patio. There is a pair in each room along with a local volume control. The speaker runs are all tied to a com...

Playbar + turntable using AD converter and switch

Hi all, Since I've switched to the PLAYBAR as my primary speaker I wasn't able to play my vinyl records anymore. After researching for a solution without having to spent over 350 euros for the a CONN...

Sonos connect amp units feel hot to touch

Would be it ok to unplug the connect amps periodically when I am traveling to allow time to cool down?

Outdoor Enclosures -

My name is Eric R. with Altelix. I received a call the other day from a SONOS installer. He mentioned weatherproof enclosures are a big need in this community. He specifically ordered our (Altelix)...

Using Sonos Wireless Speakers as Computer Speakers

Hello! I am hoping you can help! My husband and I have just purchased a new smart tv with sonos speakers. We have the play bar in the living room and a second speaker in the kitchen (we live in Manha...

Crestron and sonos not working smoothly

I have 2 connects, both hardwired Ethernet to my seitch and have turned Wi-Fi off on a permanent basis to the sonos units. Prior to that I set my stp settings per recommendations. When I reboot everyt...

What are these legacy Sonos components?

Hi, I’m a new (and happy) Sonos Play:1 owner, already looking to expand my system. I was browsing various used ads and found this, which seems interesting price wise but it seems to be older Sonos co...

How long before someone comes here to ask how to hook up their ...

Reel to reel. https://www.shortlist.com/news/new-hipster-trend-reel-to-reel-music-ballfinger/356160?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark

How to Trade White Sonos Sub for Black Sonos Sub

I recently bought a White Sonos Sub and love it. Problem is I'm moving and now Black will fit in better in my new place. The sub is only 5 months old and has barely been used. Can anyone make any reco...

component disappeared

I 2 components, a connect which is the family room, and a connect amp which is the kitchen. The kitchen has disappeared. I have tried to add a player through the menu, and when i hold the buttons on...

Bose wireless headphones

can i connect by Sonos to my new Bose wireless headphones?

Zp100 stops responding. Works for a while after reboot.

I have a zp100 that I bought used and does not qualify for Rma. Recently, it began dropping off the network. After troubleshooting with tech support, it seems the unit freezes up. It begins working ag...

Will Sonos work plugging the Sonos Bridge into a Google WiFi Designated Router and mesh?

Considering going with Google Wifi 3 piece mesh around the house - getting rid of / replacing my existing and weak wireless router. However, must work well with SONOS! Hoping I can just plug the SONO...

Connect AMP: stuck on solid white but no connection

Today I've discovered that my Connect AMP was stuck on solid white. I've tried factory reset, with no luck, rebooting, plugging the ethernet cable and unplugging, but my amp is not reachable from son...

How important is a power conditioner for CONNECT and CONNECT AMPS?

How important is a power conditioner for CONNECT and CONNECT AMPS?

Do I need a 2nd Boost?

I currently use a Sonos 5.1 System, which is supported with a Boost, in our Entertainment room. In the adjoining Living Room, I have a pair of Sonos Play 5's with a Sub. I have tried unsuccessfully to...

Prevent Obsolescence and take care of your long-time customers

I have close to $5,000 USD in Sonos devices, speakers and connect amps, all in pristine working conditions. I don't have room for and don't want to buy a new speaker. SONOS should step up to the pla...

Create a Rack mountable amp.

Now that Sonos can be controlled by the most home automation systems it would be very nice that there comes a Sonos Multi Zone Amp such as the Denon Heos Drive. Now we have to stack the sonos amp and...

Play One

Hi Looking to buy the new play ONE speakers to add to my playbar and play base for surround sound. can I mix the play ONE and the play 1 together ??


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