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Sonos Connect automatically switching to line-in (turntable) even when it is not selected as source

I've been using my connect along with a turntable on the line-in for years, but recently switched out to a new Denon AVR (AVRX3500H). I have the Connect wired via Toslink to the AVR Media Player input...

Beam + SUB, worth it at low volumes

Hey. My setup today: Kitchen: two stereo paired Play 1 Living room: Beam Daugthers room: Play 1 My question is. We often listen at low volumes, but I really need more bass in the living room. But I...

Sub addition & placement

I am looking to purchase the sub to complete my current living room sonos setup, which currently comprises of a playbase with two ones as surrounds. I don’t really want to place the sub at the side of...

External Graphic Equalizer

Is it worth using my old external graphic equalizer (Onkyo EQ35) with analog-only inputs (RCA) between Sonos CONNECT and Amplifier (Rotel RA-12), or is it better to keep a clean digital signal to the...

Sonos Connect Analog Out and Digital Out at the same time possible?

Is it possible to get audio from the analog output and the digital output at the same time on the Sonos Connect?

Trade Sonos playbase for playbar?

Hello Sonos universe - I bought a playbase a few months ago. Love the sound, quality and design. Only problem is that I moved 2 weeks ago and the new room layout is making it a real challenge to kee...

Sonos Connect improvement wish list

The Connect has been around a few years, and depending on SPDIF and thus the internal clock of the Connect is not a high-end option anymore. I'd like to see an USB-A digital output on the Connect. Wit...

Sound Level from Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable Not Loud Enough Using SONOS Connect

I installed my new Pro-Ject Essential III Turntable into my SONOS Sytems using a SONOS Connect box that I had been using with an old stereo. I have the Line-In set up correctly with Line-In Source Le...

Connect multiple line in devices

I already have a record deck connected to my connect amp. Can I also connect a CD player and still choose between devices via the software?

Sonos Connect Pass-through option

I am considering switching my Connect Line-out level from fixed to variable but then I noticed Pass-Through. What does that do? BTW my Connect is attached to a Yamaha receiver which drives my Mirage...

End of support for Sonos Dock

Excuse me, I have just received an email from Sonos telling me that they are going to make my Sonos Dock, that I bought off them a few years ago, obsolete. They are actively making something that I bo...

TRNTBL not always connecting back to Sonos

We are able to inially hear the record on the TRNTBL playing over the Sonos. The problem happens when trying to switch to Pandora and back to TRNTBL. When switching back to TRNTBL with a record playin...

Follow up question after my speakers were stolen last week

So about a week and a half ago, I had some stuff stolen. A Playbar, a Play:3, and three Play:1s. I was able to recover the serial numbers off the "Registered Products" section of Sonos.com. All were l...

Sanus Floor Speaker stand

It appears the speaker does not 'click in' and is loose when I use a Sanus speaker stand, or am I being dumb??

Using Sonos Wireless Speakers as Computer Speakers

Hello! I am hoping you can help! My husband and I have just purchased a new smart tv with sonos speakers. We have the play bar in the living room and a second speaker in the kitchen (we live in Manha...

Sonos Connect causes Marantz SR5012 to "blink"

Yesterday I exchanged the receivers in my audio setup from an older JVC to a Marantz SR5012 machine. The Marantz works fine playing radio (tuner) and TV (connected via HDMI), driving 4 speakers and a...

New Sonos Amp and LG OLED55E7N OLED

I have five Connect:Amps with ceiling speakers in five rooms and a Play One in another bedroom. The television room has four speakers in the ceiling and an LG OLED55E7N TV, which has a built-in soundb...

connect is my problem child, but line in from it mostly works

I'm new to Sonos over the last few weeks. So far my system includes 1 play5, 3 play1's, and a connect. Mostly everything works fine, except that the connect keeps getting dropped out from the speake...

Consistently can't connect to Sonos One App and Alexa not working

Can anyone help - having constant issues with both Alexa response to voice commands (doesn't recognise/respond at all) and Sonos App won't connect either. - Tried all troubleshooting steps, but still...

Any plans for a smaller sub to suit Beam?

Appreciate there’s probably not a lot we could be told, however any indication of a new Sub under development to match output of the Beam and fall in line with it in terms of budget? The full sub wou...

Outdoor Enclosures -

My name is Eric R. with Altelix. I received a call the other day from a SONOS installer. He mentioned weatherproof enclosures are a big need in this community. He specifically ordered our (Altelix)...

Computer output to Sonos One

For listening to music I use (and love) Apple Play. But I also would like to have my computer audio output be able to play through Sonos. Do I need Connect:amp for this? In other words: if I would con...

Home theater with SONOS Connect

I am wondering if I can create a home theater surround system 3.1 or 5.1 with a SONOS Connect (connected to two actice AudioPro speakers), a SONOS sub and 2 SONOS ONE speakers? Or do I need a SONOS B...

Sonos Connect No Connection

Hi, have been trying for several months to have a constant lasting connection between my record player and my sonos connect. The best I have had is a random 45mins of play time. Sonos connect never st...

Streaming smart TV audio through ConnectAmp

I have a house with wired speakers in several places - several rooms, ceilings, walls, etc. I have two ConnectAmp devices that are used to stream sound through them. I would like to be able stream sma...


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