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ceiling speakers not working (connected to amp)

Hi all We installed a Sonus sytem when we built our house 6 years ago. Installed ceiling speakers in 5 rooms (incl outdoor), hardwired to an amplifier Recently, 2 of the 5 rooms will not play music. T...

Australian power leads

Hi there. Im migrating to Australia end of the yr from uk. Any ideas on whether i can purchase australian power cables for my sonos setup. Thanks in advance

Sonos Connect Amp and Speaker Volume is

I just got a connect amp and wired it up with a pair of outdoor Polk Atrium 4 speakers. After I got everything installed I went to play some tunes... I had to have to volume to about 50% on the slide...

Intermittent Low beeping noise on Play One

I have four Play Ones, two Threes and a connect with a turntable/phono stage linked to it purely to play vinyl on Sonos. One of the Play Ones has an intermittent low beep. It may be one beep or two to...

Request: Connect with Airplay 2 Support

I know this isn't supported, and I know I can buy other devices that support Airplay 2 and group them together, and I know I can add an airport express to the line in. I would really like the Connect...

One of my Play 1´s stopped working when I play the turntable but work when I stream music

I have a Turntable connected to a Sonos Connect and two Play 1´s (set in stereo). It has been working fine but for some strange reason the left speaker does not sound anymore (sort of static sound) wh...

Terrible refund service anyone else experience this?

So I ordered a pro-ject essential iii and returned it on July 6. It is now July 19 and I do not have my refund. Sonos received my project and said a credit would be issued within 7 days. It’s now 9 da...

Correct Line-In Level for Turntable Pre-Amp?

Hello, I just connected my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable and my Pro-Ject Phono Box MM pre-amp to my Sonos Connect (ZP90) and am wondering which line-in level I should use. I read the support article...

Sonos Connect improvement wish list

The Connect has been around a few years, and depending on SPDIF and thus the internal clock of the Connect is not a high-end option anymore. I'd like to see an USB-A digital output on the Connect. Wit...

Sonos Connect:Amp and Airplay 2

I've seen hundreds of references to the Sonos speakers that will and will not support Airplay 2, but I haven't seen a definitive word as to whether the Connect:Amp will directly support Airplay 2. By...

Connect Amp and old separates

Hi, we are wiring in 4 ceiling mounted speakers into our new kitchen extension and plan on running them with a Connect Amp. I’d like to have my old Technics separates on show as well, but feel it’s ov...

Head Phones

Any plans for Headphones from Sonos. that would be awesome. First of all I like to listen in Headphones as well because sometimes my family doesn't want to listen to Music when I want to. Seconsly I h...

Recommended Third party Outdoor speaker via connect amp

Hi all, Can anyone recommend good quality outdoor speakers(since sonos doesnt do an outdoor speaker) I understand you can use Connect amp,but I seek advice on an outdoor wireless speaker

Sonos doorbell

Hi all. Tom B an excellent support guy from Sonos suggested I post this here as he knows the tech guys keep an eye on the forums for ideas and problems. I suggested to him that as I live in a townhou...

Recommendations request : powered speakers with Sonos Connect

I unearthed a Sonos Connect in my master closet and was looking for any recommendations that the user community could provide on powered speakers to use with the Connect.

Turntable > Amp > Sonos

I have a Technics turntable, and a Kenwood KR- a56R Stereo Receiver. I would like to get this hooked up to the sonos system in my house. A couple of questions, this is assuming I need to buy the CONNE...

Connect Amp not working with wired Klipsch outdoor speakers

I just bought a Connect Amp to use with Klipsch AW650 outdoor speakers. I setup the connect amp and it says that it is playing music but there is nothing coming out of he speakers that I wired to the...

Double power cable?

I’ve recently purchased x2 Play 1’s. Does anyone know if you can purchase a mains cable that will power x2 speakers off one mains plug, ie some sort of Y cable? Thanks

How to setup Sonos Connect for upgrade to streaming

I have a fairly extensive audio setup and am looking to add support for streaming (as well as have multi room play). My setup: Thiel speakers, B&K preamp, Marantz monoblock amplifiers, Marantz CD pla...

Sonos connect Does it work with a Sonos Boost

I have a Sonos connect and I need to boost the network I bought a Sonos boost and for some reason it’s not connecting and I cannot increase the Internet Connection. Someone please help???

PlayVinyl Fexson+ My Old Active Speacker + Connect Amp + 5 Play1

Hello Everybody, I've bought PlayVinyl Flexson , and I would like to play with my old Active Speacker then add the Conncet Amp and 5 Play1 Sonos. Please, can somebody tell me if is possible to mak...

One SUB for Two Rooms

Customer suggested adding the ability to bond a SUB with 2 different Sonos devices.

Sonos v Orbi

Thank you in advance. I am beginner at best for going into deep technical aspects of a set up, so please more step-step instructions are better. My current system is a Netgear Docsis 3.1 CM1000, a...

Connect Amp Error

My connect amp is flashing alternately yellow and white and the speakers are not working. My other amp is working fine in a different room with different speakers. I have turned it off and reconnecte...

Old subwoofer

Hello is it possible to use old subwoofer with amplifier with sonos system ?


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