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DJ setup with Connect

Hi I have turntables & a Traktor z2 mixer plugged in (with phono cables) to a Sonos connect, playing wireless from 2x grouped play1 speakers. I'm experiencing a lot of delay between the music I can...

Placement Adjustment, What is it?

In the Sonos App for my Ipad, under the Sub settings is an option to enable placement adjustment. I can't find any information on this, not even in the manual - unless I've overlooked something? C...

Vintage setup - naked end speaker wires

Hello friends. I have an old Sansui G-4500 Pure power Stereo Receiver (connected) to a Dual turntable and an AKAI cassette deck) and I am considering replacing the speakers with Sonos equipment. I bel...

Turntable dropping out

My issue is I have three Play 1's and one Connect with a turntable/preamp connected to it. My internet/router is plugged into a single Boost and I direct connected my Connect to the Boost. My turntabl...

Can the Amp and Connect be told to output mono rather than stereo? Using with mono ceiling speakers in bathroom and kitchen.

Single ceiling speakers (already bought) being used in the bathroom and kitchen. I need to sum the stereo signal for those, as I listen to a lot of soul which is 'dual mono' i.e. drums on left, every...

Play SONOS directly from iTunes

Can SONOS systems play directly from a Mac iTunes without having to use the SONOS apps and update the SONOS music library via this app? The systems are connected to the same WIFi. If not, why not?

Two Connects? Three?

I'm just about to take the Sonus plunge. I have two different receivers in the house: A pioneer sc-65 with surround sound set-up and and a Denon AVR-2808 with a couple bookshelf Bose speakers. I...

connect one problems. moved to a different location and the play one's work but the connect will only play as part of a group. Shows the music as mp3 but will not play it.

moved to a different location. set up Sonos and the play one's work but the connect will

Connect:Amp blinking amber and white light after power surge

Recently experienced a close lightening strike and connect:amp connected to outdoor pool speaker is now blinking alternate amber and white lights. System recognizes amp but can't play music. Help!?

Sonos ZP120 with Sonance IS4 SST

Hi, I would like to setup a stereo pair of speakers Sonance IS4 SST (8 ohms nominal, 6 ohms minimum, 100 watts RMS) with a Sonos ZP-120. Would the Sonos be powerful enough ? Besides, if I want to...

Sonos / Echo Private Beta

So how would one go about getting on the Echo control private beta?

connect amp

wired through youview box to amp works fine but anyway to use volume control on you view remote rather than app on phone ?

Work Sonos ConnectAMP with Speacke switch off

I have some speakers wired to a sonos ConnectAmp through a speaker selector. What I want to do is to put a switch in each room to cut the line of each speaker in a room so I can switch off the speaker...

Turntable > Amp > Sonos

I have a Technics turntable, and a Kenwood KR- a56R Stereo Receiver. I would like to get this hooked up to the sonos system in my house. A couple of questions, this is assuming I need to buy the CONNE...

Sonos doorbell

Hi all. Tom Burton an excellent support guy from Sonos suggested I post this here as he knows the tech guys keep an eye on the forums for ideas and problems. I suggested to him that as I live in a...

Connecting TV to connect:amp with optical audio cable

Hi there, I have a new Samsung TV which only has an optical audio port (not the old fashioned headphone socket). I have a Sonos Conect:amp, connected to speakers, which I want to connect to the...

Sonos Connect is missing digital audio input

Why doesn't the Sonos Connect support digital input so that you can use it to attach e.g. Play-3 speakers and the SUB to a TV? Every modern TV utilizes HDMI and Optical Output and you can find less an...

Google home integration with Sonos through Harmony

Hello! I like to be waiting for the integration of google home and sonos, however was thinking if there is an integration with harmony I can use in the short term? Thanks!

Connect:AMP responds very slow - other Devices are faster

We have around 10 SONOS devices in the house of which 8 are Connect:AMP. All in the basement with wires into the rooms. Now - one Connect:AMP is responding extremely slow when accessing it. That s...

LOVE Smart Turntable & Sonos Connectivity

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had any information about the LOVE Turntable. It's a current Kickstarter Project which is really taking off. I have backed it as it looks very smart and a unique t...

Sonos Portable Headphones

Boy, would I sure like Sonos capable headphones! Sure, I could setup a Connect and a headphone amp or some wireless headphone set, but I'd like to wear them around the house in a range no wireless or...

Echo Dot and Sonos

I'm currently using an Echo via line in and all works pretty well. Just today though, I've noticed that the Echo is ungrouping my office and kitchen speakers (Echo in kitchen) as the Echo must be sen...

Connect Amp with passive subwoofer

Hi, I have a Connect Amp which I am planning to connect to a couple of in-ceiling speakers and an in-ceiling subwoofer. I purchased a Cambridge Audio C200B in-ceiling subwoofer only to find th...

Sub XTZ 10.17

I wonder if my Connect Amp will be able to connect to a sub (XTZ 10.17)? RCA cable? Can I adjust the volume between my wall speakers and the sub? (Today I only have two ordinary wall speakers)

Klipsch subwoofer is not working with connect:amp

Hi, I have a Klipsch subwoofer, Sonos Playbar, 4 built-in wall speakers, and the Connect:amp. I'm not getting anything out of the subwoofer. is there a limit to how many speakers i can have connect...


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