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Reconnecting to a new wireless network

I recently moved, and am trying to change my sonos player to the new wifi but can not connect. Please help me connect to my new wifi.

Intermittent playback from Sonos Connect

My Sonos Connect is only providing an audio output intermittently to my hifi amplifier. I know it's the Connect that is at issue, rather than the amplifier, because my CD player is also connected to...

Sonos / Echo Private Beta

So how would one go about getting on the Echo control private beta?

Sonos doen't work with Range Extenders - alternatives?

Hi all As the name suggests when my play3 connects to my Wifi Range extender, I get an error message saying sonos doesn't work with Wifi extenders. Does anyone know the rationale behind this? Al...

Connect Amp will not connect or factory rest

I have a connect amp which has dropped off my network. I attempted to reboot this a few times and although hardwired to my network it does not reappear in the list of players, nor does it appear to o...

Using Play 1 with Echo Dot

I know there is a lot on here about Echo Dot/Sonos intergration but how will that work with a Play 1 when there is no line in or bluetooth? I have Play 1 in several rooms and an Echo Dot and would lov...

Can I hook TV to Connect Amp?

Hello, I'm putting a pair of speakers in the ceiling in our new house in the living room to jam Sonos. The Connect Amp will be in my AV closet a couple rooms away. We will have a TV on the wall i...

sonos and microphone

I have a shure wireless microphone. I want to play it through a wireless speaker. I do not have any amp yet or other peripherals. Can I and what do I need to be able to play a microphone through you...

What cord to use to connect servo600 amp to sonos connect

I have a servo 600 amp that I'm trying to connect to my Sonos connect. On the back of the amp there is only a line out one white input, there is no optical. So my question is what cord do I use to con...

Sonos and Legrand OnQ LyriQ whole house system

I have brought my Sonos system into a new home already fitted with a Legrand OnQ Cat5 LyriQ whole house sounds system. I have four areas served by this system including an outdoor, covered deck - the...

Play SONOS directly from iTunes

Can SONOS systems play directly from a Mac iTunes without having to use the SONOS apps and update the SONOS music library via this app? The systems are connected to the same WIFi. If not, why not?

Connect no longer bit-perfect?

It looks like the Connect is no longer bit-perfect. Here's my evidence: let's discuss this. First, I constructed a wav file of pink noise with amplitude ramping up from zero to digital max and back...

CONNECT / ZP90 mystery brown supply voltage lead

Hello Fellow Sonos users!!! Just bought mine CONNECT used and had a thought that would use separate voltage supply that is free of all interferences and also would keep the unit cooler. Well, I mea...

I would like to be on the Amazon Alexa Beta if possible.

See Title - I have no idea what other way to let them know.

Sonos Portable Headphones

Boy, would I sure like Sonos capable headphones! Sure, I could setup a Connect and a headphone amp or some wireless headphone set, but I'd like to wear them around the house in a range no wireless or...

Can the Amp and Connect be told to output mono rather than stereo? Using with mono ceiling speakers in bathroom and kitchen.

Single ceiling speakers (already bought) being used in the bathroom and kitchen. I need to sum the stereo signal for those, as I listen to a lot of soul which is 'dual mono' i.e. drums on left, every...

Connect:Amp - Delay between wired and wireless speakers?

I'm considering getting a Sonos setup, but already have some nice wired speakers I want to keep in one of the rooms. My questions is, can I connect these to the Connect:Amp along with some Play 1 spe...

Amplifier trigger on Sonos connect

Hi, this topic and question has been asked before and is a wanted request for the users or potential users of a Sonos connect. We want to have the possibility to trigger an external amplifier conne...

How do I get sonos to trigger an external amp

How can I get my sonos connect to trigger on my external amp ?? I wish sonos would add a 12v trigger... I am trying to figure out how to get my sonos to trigger on my external amp from standby mode. I...

Equalize volume when adding to rooms

Ive had this issue for a long time. cant find any solutions. Often I operate my playbar for the TV at higher volumes. when the TV is not in use, I add the playbar to the living room set. When I add t...

Previously connected player no longer showing up

I have connected my new Player 1 three times - which means I've reset to factory settings twice. I've called this device "portable," as I want to be able to move it from room to room. But each time I...

CONNECT ZP90 wifi-card

Have not seen this standard anywhere, it does not fit on usual suspects, PC mainboards pci-e, pci and it's way too big for any laptos, is it some industrial std or what, label do not give even partial...

Sonos Connect + Samsung KS8000: Optical input

Hi, I'm planning on buying a Connect so I can use it with my current turntable setup. It occurred me that I can get rid of my Samsung HW-K430 (soundbar + subwoofer) if I connect my TV (Samsung KS80...

constant drop outs

I have a Play 5 connected by Ethernet to Virgin Media Hub 3 and 2 play 1s connected wirelessly as a stereo pair. They are all used in the one room. I have constant audio drop outs on all devices or th...

SONOS hardware a dead end?

I read that SONOS is concentrating their efforts on streaming instead of hardware. So I'm wondering from a hardware standpoint, is SONOS a dead end hardware-wise? The really havent released any thing...


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