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Sonos:Connect Delay Line-In

Hi all, Any suggestions to over come my issue, I use a connect, and connect a dj-mixer on line-in to play the sound to my Sonos system. The problem is that the connect gives a quite big delay in th...

Constant static hiss when not playing on Play 5

my play 5 emits a static hiss from the speaker when music nothing is playing. there is nothing attached to the line-in and the hiss continues no matter how long all music services have stopped playin...

US Sonos Community

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Sonos AMP... how does it switch between sources (TV vs. Spotify vs. Phono)

Super simple question (I'm sure), but I can't find a clear answer... how does the Sonos AMP select the audio source? I don't see that there is a user selection between streaming audio (Spotify) vs. HD...

Connect:AMP and 4 speakers. Safe?

Hi everybody I would like to hear about experiences from connecting 4 speakers to a Connect:AMP. Both good and bad! I’m building a new house and are able to wire exactly as I’d like. I would like to...

Using Sonos Wireless Speakers as Computer Speakers

Hello! I am hoping you can help! My husband and I have just purchased a new smart tv with sonos speakers. We have the play bar in the living room and a second speaker in the kitchen (we live in Manha...

New Sonos Amp compare to “Hifi” amp

I’m curious if any of the members have owned “Hifi” amps and have switched over to the new Sonos Amp. How does the Sonos Amp perform? I own vintage Mcintosh amps in two setups currently. Tha...

Sonos App for Apple TV 4

Just got the new Apple TV, and the possibility for apps are fantastic. I can see my TV moving towards a hone center. My question is, if anyone else feels the urge for a Sonos app for Apple TV? I would...

Static interference from Sonos on electronic hearing protection

I recently purchased a pair of 3M Peltor Comtac III hearing defenders, a high quality set of electronic hearing protectors. For those who don't know what that is, they are hearing protection with micr...

Show your new Sonos Amp setups!

Show your setups, share tips and tricks etc.

Connect Amp Subwoofer out

Right now I'm just using speaker wire to include my subwoofer in my Connect Amp setup. I go from the Connect Amp, loop thru the subwoofer and then to my speakers. But I would like to take advantage...

Sonos Amp - Ear Pain

Just upgraded my Connect:Amp to the new Sonos Amp. The Amp is beautiful and was a breeze to set up, but I immediately noticed pressure and pain in my ears. I reconnected my old Connect:Amp and my ears...

New Sonos Amp in white - please

As it looks the new AMP will only be available in black. This makes me very disappointed as I would have loved to commission my old (white) Connect Amp installed in my kitchen and have it replaced wit...

Turntable connected to Playbar?

Hi I have a turntable with preamp and Playbar currently connected to TV. I know the way to connect the turntable is to use a Sonos Connect, however can I use a 2 into 1 optical unit plugging both TV...

Sonos Amp - CD player connection via hdmi ?

I am wondering if anyone is using the hdmi connection for anything other than connecting the TV ? I would like to connect the audio hdmi from a Samsung UHD player to it for CD playback. I am assuming...

New sonos amp and passive speakers vs play 5 for turntable.

So I originally started with my turntable hooked up to a connect and 2 powered speakers. Had an issue with the connect so I returned it and ended up going with a play 5. I feel like my turntable does...

New Sonos Connect?

I have been wondering for a few years now. Will there ever be a new Sonos Connect? Something comparable to the Bluesound Node 2 in sound quality and design. The Connect seems so hopelesly outdated.

Sonos - Is a 5.1 or 7.1 system with ceiling speakers possible?

I am wondering if it is possible to have 5.1 or 7.1 system with Sonos in my great room. This would be part of 14 zone system in a home that is currently being built.. Most of the other zones will ha...

New Sonos Amp speaker question re power rating

I currently have the connect:amp and am using QAccoustic 3020i speakers with it. I really want to upgrade to the new Sonos Amp when it is available in February, however, the power recommendation for m...

Physical wall mount volume knob

New hardware idea: I would love an attractive, wireless physical volume knob that could be wall mounted with screws, or just attached to a piece of furniture with double sided tape. The knob would be...

Collegare Lettore CD + Giradischi al Sonos Play:5

Ciao a tutti. Secondo voi, è possibile collegare, tramite un commutatore o switch, un lettore CD e un giradischi al Play 5?

Audio Dropouts using Sonos Connect to send TV audio to Stereo Pair of Play1s

Audio chain is as follows: LGU75UK6190 TV --> Optical Out --> Optical to analog converter --> Analog IN on Sonos Connect --> Stereo Pair of Play1s We've been experiencing random audio dropouts on th...

Subwoofer not working with connect-Amp

I have a Infinity PS312 and i cannot get any base when connected to the connect-amp. Please any idea on how to fix this issue?

Rumbling sound from sub

Watching the Cowboys Rams playoff game and I hear a rumbling sound on my sub every time the ball is centered to the QB. Not sure if it’s coming from some mic in the game or a problem with my sub

Need Help, Clunky utilization of New Sonos AMP :(

Hello all - I know the AMP is new, so I'm hoping someone can help here. I don't know if I have things set up optimally, so please bare with me as I describe my setup and issues. Current Room Setup...


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