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Sonos boost power cable

Sonos boost not working. Ordered new cable from sonos. Arrived in 2 days. Great. but the connecteor into the Boost is thicker than the original!!!

Issues grouping speaker after High Sierra install

I just updated to Mac OS High Sierra, speakers won't group anymore... sonos connect keeps going offline. For the first time ever I am experiencing delay on speakers whenever they connect to each other...

Only Playbar is providing sound. Not speakers attached to connect amp

Hi- I set up my own Sonos system last year. It was a challenge and I was so proud. But now I’m having an issue. In one room, I have a playbar (still working) a sub (I think still working) and 4 spea...

Desktop Audio with SONOS speakers?

Trying to utilize a single SPEAKER to channel desktop audio(voice, music, gaming sound) and Sonos streaming music. WHat needs to be done or hooked up?

CONNECT stopped working after a year or so

My CONNECT has been working fine since I bought it over a year ago. It’s suddenly stopped. I’ve tried every trick I can - checked the input to my amp is OK, checked the audio cables, factory reset a...

Why are the Connect products so expensive!

I have a Connect, Connect Amp and Play 5. I want to put Sonos in the master bathroom and would rather use Ceiling Speakers than have a Play 1, since outlets are not in great places in the bathroom. Wh...

Can PLAYBAR replace a CONNECT is using all Sonos speakers?

Is it possible to set up a Sonos system in multiple rooms using just the PLAYBAR and not having a CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP? All of the speakers will be Sonos speakers. My Playbar is the only speaker I...

Stereo sound from connect

How to play stereo sound on Play 5 stereo pair thru connect I have bought second PLAY:5 over Thanksgiving. Connect only plays Mono Sounds. How to fix this?

Suggested Bluetooth Transmitter for Connect & Outdoor Speakers

Has anyone successfully used a Bluetooth transmitter module with their Connect for BT speakers that will occasionally be used outdoors? If so, what product? My goal is to simply extend whatever is b...

Chromecast to Connect, and multi inputs

I bought the (2) Sonos Play:1 speakers and the Connect with the understanding that I could connect older audio components to the Connect, which is the idea behind Connect. I did not realize that for $...

Power cables and international compatability

I may need to move from Canada to Singapore in the next year. The two countries have different electrical standards and plugs. My two part question is: 1) Can I simply buy power cables compatible wit...

Hide CONNECT from room list

I currently am using the line in on my CONNECT but not the line out. Is it possible to hid the CONNECT from room listings (except in settings, of course) so that it doesn't show up as a room selection...

Wireless headphones with Connect and AV Receiver

I have a Playbar and 2X1's in the Living Room and a Connect in the Lounge. The Connect is connected to a turntable as input and a Sony receiver as output. The two rooms are grouped so that we can eith...

Connecting to wired speakers

Setting up a second Connect Amp with wired speakers in another part of other house. I was able to connect the amp with my wifi. I connected a set of wired speakers to the amp but I am not getting any...

connect and nad 3020 are not connecting

I have rca cable plugged into tape record on nad into audio in on connect and have a cd and turntable hanging off amp but am getting no music on sonos app-what can i have done wrong(apart from pluggin...

Philips hue

Does the new Sonos one work with a Philips hue

Sonos connect amp drop issues

I have read several posts but have not found a similar issue as mine. I have three connect amps and all three connected directly to a switch and then router. None of the amps are connected to each oth...

Connect - What makes it so expensive

Hi! I've 3x Sonos Connects, which I used to connect to my Amp / speakers in different rooms. Over time I've bought play1s for the kitchen, dining room etc instead. I just noticed that the Connects ar...

Playbar for music only

Due to purchasing a new 65 inch sony oled 4k tv, ive moved my older55 inch sony with playbar to another room, but it will only be used infrequently. Therefore what i would like to do is to disconnect...

Audio connection from Marantz amp to Soros Connect

The Marantz amp has red and white connections labeled pre out. The Sonos Connect has red and white connectors labeled in. The Soros connect unit comes with audio cables with red and white plugs on o...

Playbase with lost connects

Dead Playbase

Recommended Third party Outdoor speaker via connect amp

Hi all, Can anyone recommend good quality outdoor speakers(since sonos doesnt do an outdoor speaker) I understand you can use Connect amp,but I seek advice on an outdoor wireless speaker

SONOS integration with Denon AVR for multizone audio

New to sonos having recently purchased a PLAYBAR and PLAY1 for my main living room tv and dining area. I am enjoying the ease of use. I need some help on integrating sonos into my new pool house and d...

Google home integration with Sonos through Harmony

Hello! I like to be waiting for the integration of google home and sonos, however was thinking if there is an integration with harmony I can use in the short term? Thanks!

Turntable connected to Playbar?

Hi I have a turntable with preamp and Playbar currently connected to TV. I know the way to connect the turntable is to use a Sonos Connect, however can I use a 2 into 1 optical unit plugging both TV...


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