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Dolby digital plus

I'm in the market for a 5.1 surround system. I'm looking into the sonos 5.1 surround playbar with play 3s, but I'm reading about the Dolby digital problems for true surround sound. I would to have my...

Recommend a small CD Player

Just set up my new Connect-Amp and as I've got loads of CDs I am looking for a small, stand alone, CD player to connect to. Similar proportions to the Amp would be good. Thanks.

Connecting to a traditional hi-fi

I want to use my old turntable (Project) and amp (Rotel RA02) to play vinyl through my new Sonos system (Boost, Connect and Play 1). How do I best connect the amp to the Connect (ie which output conne...

Home wifi mesh aka Google wifi, BT whole home wifi

Has anyone tried it with sonos any issues. Thanks


Hey guys. Just like the title states, I understand there is lip sync issues when streaming media and sonos is a "go to" kind of system. With that said, can I connect my laptop to tv via hdmi and from...

Fitness Studio

My wife is opening a fitness studio. I will be setting up the sound system. I will be using 1 Sonos Connect and 2 Bose Cinemate ll units in the studio. 24 sound dampening panels. I have this set up a...

Sonos App for Apple TV 4

Just got the new Apple TV, and the possibility for apps are fantastic. I can see my TV moving towards a hone center. My question is, if anyone else feels the urge for a Sonos app for Apple TV? I would...

Line-in Not Recognised

Hi, I have a ZP90 that occasionally recognises when a cable is connected to its 'In' terminals but mostly does not. Even when the line-in is recognised it will soon (hours or days) disappear. I've...

Google home integration with Sonos through Harmony

Hello! I like to be waiting for the integration of google home and sonos, however was thinking if there is an integration with harmony I can use in the short term? Thanks!

On my wishlist: A modern Connect

I realize Connect is probably a bit oldschool since most younger people might not own traditional stereosystem but I personally believe it's time for an updated version of the Connect anyhow. I've...

Connect with Quad amp + preamp

Hi. I have recently bought a play:5 and love it so much I want to connect it up to the rest of my system. I have a Linn Sondek LP12 turntable that is connected to a Quad 44 pre amp and a Quad 405 po...

Optical cable for connection to TV too short.

Does Sonos provide longer optical cables? The distance between the wall mounted tv and the Playbar is too short for the optical cable provided.

Adding Play to Boost System

I have a boost system with a play and 3 connects attached. Just bought a second play 1 and trying to add it. 1) tried setting it up wirelessly through ap. It found the play 1 but nothing happe...

Sonos Connect AMP With Bose Freespace 51 (pair)

Just bought the Sonos amp and Bose Freespace 51's for outside in the backyard. The Sound at low volume seems to be very very low, at like 20% you can barely hear it. When I turn it up to say 75% it so...

Connect (Not Connect Amp) with local speakers out of sync with rest of Sonus network..

I have ready various posts about compressed/uncompressed usage of the Sonus and I think I have a different problem. The issue that I have is that I have a Connect (not Connect Amp) attached to my Son...

Recommended Third party Outdoor speaker via connect amp

Hi all, Can anyone recommend good quality outdoor speakers(since sonos doesnt do an outdoor speaker) I understand you can use Connect amp,but I seek advice on an outdoor wireless speaker

Connecting Sonos to Alexa Dot

Connected Alexa via Yonomi App, however she cannot follow my music command like volume control. My Alexa app shows she is connected to all my Sonos components . Any ideas?

Sonos / Echo Private Beta

So how would one go about getting on the Echo control private beta?

Can sonos work without a wifi router

Playbase optical cable

How do you remove the optical cable from the playbase? Once it's in it won't come out. The other one on the playbar was loose and easy to remove, I don't want to force it and damage it.

Connect Amp with 4 speakers

I'm new to the Sonos community and require some assistance. We are currently in the electrical phase of our new home construction. I have purchased multiple Connect amps for multiple zones, however,...

My Sonos story (Love Sonos)

My Sonos Story;I have a wife and two young boys and no sound system of any kind in the house other than the TVs (big TV).  All in the course of one week each boy wanted a stereo system in their...

Play 1 power consumption

Play 1 power consumption when using it or in standby

Headphone Amp and Sonos Connect

I bought a headphone amp and connected it via the Digital coax on the Sonos Connect.The problem is muting the Play5's while the headphone output is sending audio through my headphones. Is this not pos...

Low level on Line-in Connect-AMP !

Hi just yesterday tried CONNECT-AMP that move to rest my old Pioneer 100W amplifier. There is no compare about power, my ESB speaker are very nice with mi Pioneer but was time to upgrade. So after a...


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