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audio technica lp120 turntable distortion with the play 5

So I purchased an audio technica lp120 and a sonos 5. The sound is extremely distorted when I play a record. In Sonos settings, I have gone into the line-in settings and tried the different source le...

Onkyo Receiver, Sonos Connect, and Multiple Zones

I have a quick question in regards to the Onkyo receivers that now “works with Sonos”. I understand the model receivers that now work with Sonos (if you purchase a Connect), but I’m curious if you can...

New product suggestion - headphones

I really enjoy listening to music through my Sonos speakers but it is not always practical to do so (Sometimes others in the house make a lot of noise, sometimes there are collitions over who wants to...

Connect Amp to power 4 Bose 251 speakers

Hello, I want to connect 4 speakers BOSE 251 to one Sonos Connect:Amp (2014) Is this possible?, Is there any trouble?, I read mixed answers and I want to be sure that I will not have issues. Thanks!...

Connect-Amp Wont Connect

I have had my Sonos system for about 3 years and has worked almost flawlessly up until about 6 months ago. Now I find every once in a while I'll go on my Sonos App and one of the zones will be gone. T...

Portable Speaker?

I'm sure this has been asked before, but does Sonos currently have a portable speaker on the market?One that is rechargeable and weatherproof, so that it can be enjoyed outside?

Connecting CD player and turntable to Sonos

I have two Play:5's. One connects to my turntable via line-in and the other connects to my TV also via line-in. I need to connect a CD/DVD player to play audio CDs. Right now, I need to turn on the...

Connect no longer bit-perfect?

It looks like the Connect is no longer bit-perfect. Here's my evidence: let's discuss this. First, I constructed a wav file of pink noise with amplitude ramping up from zero to digital max and back t...

Is the optical output of the Connect always active?

I'm trying to figure out the smoothest way of integrating my stereo system into a Sonos eco system and the Connect seems like the obvious solution. I also use a optical output from my TV to feed the s...

Connect:Amp, Connect to amp, and Conntect to Connect:Amp

So here's my dilemma: one room with a hifi system. My plan would be to add a Sonos Connect to the existing amplifier to play internet radio streaming via the old system. Since I also own two ESB speak...

Trade Sonos playbase for playbar?

Hello Sonos universe - I bought a playbase a few months ago. Love the sound, quality and design. Only problem is that I moved 2 weeks ago and the new room layout is making it a real challenge to kee...

Connecting Turntable Audio to Sonos System

Having trouble getting audio from turntable onto the other Sonos speakers via Connect. I currently have my turntable hooked up to a Marantz receiver with two bookshelf speakers. Sounds great. I also h...

Advanced Audio “Variable”

I need some help. I have a Sonos Connect and until tonight I have always been able to adjust the EQ and volume with my IPhone. Now, the only sound I have comes through (1) Fixed or (2) Pass-Through.....

Samsung HW-K950

I’d like to connect our Samsung home cinema system to our Sonos system so that I can listen to music/radio from Sonos on the Samsung speakers (as we used to do with our old Bose 321 system). I want to...

Sonos Connect vs Bluesound Node 2 - My Personal Experience

For connecting to pre-existing high-end stereo system, go with Bluesound. If you want good sounding speakers around the house, go with Sonos. I’ve had a Bluesound Node 2 connected to a pair of KEF L...

connecting to Philips 32PFL7694H/12

Hi there. Can I connect my Beam to the Philips 32PFL7694H/12?? I can't find any info about the specs of the HDMI ports

Connect Outputs

Hi. Apologies if this has already been answered. I want to buy a turntable and connect so that I can listen to vinyl over my Sonos speakers. Is it possible to use the outputs of the connect to co...

Bridge power supply

Will the power cable on the web site for the Sonos Boost also work for the Sonos Bridge???

Router vs Modem 101

Hello I've come across a lot of threads where it appears that Modem and Router are being referred to incorrectly or are being used interchangeably. Hopefully, the following information will make clea...

Using the sonos connect

Hi, I’d like to link my play base to an existing AV receiver with 5.1 surround. Does anyone know if the sonos connect will allow me to link the play base to the receiver with the play base having the...

Connect Amp and Powered Klipsch speakers?

Will there be problems connecting a Connect Amp to powered Klipsch speakers, specifically the Klipsch R15PM?

Sonos Beam, Sub

Bought a Beam, Sub and Two sonos Ones today. The Beam is loud and crystal clear. I was worried it was going to be not powerful enough. The sound with the Sub and Beam alone is incredible. The clari...

TRNTBL not always connecting back to Sonos

We are able to inially hear the record on the TRNTBL playing over the Sonos. The problem happens when trying to switch to Pandora and back to TRNTBL. When switching back to TRNTBL with a record playin...

Sonos Connect:Amp and Airplay 2

I've seen hundreds of references to the Sonos speakers that will and will not support Airplay 2, but I haven't seen a definitive word as to whether the Connect:Amp will directly support Airplay 2. By...

Sonos connect and sonos connect amp launched date

Hi, May i know when the Sonos connect and Sonos connect Amp launched? Also, when the AMP will be released? Thanks.


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