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Changed the name of speaker and moved the location

Changed the name of speaker and moved the location now it will not connect. I have tried grouping it, running it alone and still nothing. It is important to know that while it was unplugged an updat...

Connect analog line-out keeps dropping out

I have a Connect that I have been using for many years to allow me to use my Turntable. The turntable is connected, via a pre-amp, to the analog line-in of the Connect and this set up works brilliantl...

Connect Amp light always blinking

Hi. I have a recurring problem with my connect amp. The white light is always intermittent and does not connect to the sonos controller. I got a pair of Polk Audio speakers that I want to connect to t...

Sound quality w/ Connect + Onkyo receiver + B&W speakers

Hello, Brand new user here. Just bought a Connect and a One and so far I'm impressed with the overall experience of setup. The Sonos ONE sounds amazing on its own. However, I'm less impressed with the...

Connecting Sonos Connect to receiver

I have a Marantz NR 1604 Receiver. The TV is connected through the HDMI output, Direct TV box and DVD through HDMI inputs, and my phono preamp through the CD audio inputs. What should I use to con...

Connect Amp and Bose outdoor speakers

can I hook 2 pair (4 speakers ) of Bose 31763 Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers to one SONOS connect Amp or do I need to buy two separate connect amps? The speaker wires would range from 50-10...

Low volume

When I play music from my pc music folder, the volume is very low, when I play radio etc it is fine. Any ideas

How to connect Sonos Connect to receiver

How do I connect a Sonos Connect to a receiver so that I can listen to CDs on my Play 1 speakers? I’ve connected the audio out on the Connect to the CD audio in on the receiver - nothing plays. I’ve...

New Sonos Connect?

I have been wondering for a few years now. Will there ever be a new Sonos Connect? Something comparable to the Bluesound Node 2 in sound quality and design. The Connect seems so hopelesly outdated.

Boost and smart Wifi by Waoo

I have recently established a fiber connection through the Danish provider Waoo. The fiber is great and stable. However, I often find that my Play5s (gen. 2) drop out of the Sonos network. I have to i...

Audiophile Sonos Connect?

I’d like to see a updated Sonos Connect to compete with the numerous other products in that seem to be out on the market now. I’ve been considering getting a Blusound Node 2, Elac Discovery or a Aural...

Hi-Fi amp Output to Sonos Connect (no REC Out available)

Some new hi-fi integrated amps lack Tape/Rec Out or Line Outputs, and I want to connect the amp to Sonos Connect in order to send Phono/CD/TV audio to wireless Multi-room speakers. The turntable has n...

Sonos Playbase

Are you working for a version of the playbase that will support more than 35kg ? I have a TV with a weight of 35.7 ... I also find weird the choice of having a tv below 35kg where most of the new LED/...

3 pairs of speakers connected to one Sonos Amp

Does anyone have experience / knowledge of connecting 3 pairs of speaker to one Sonos Amp? Sonos say 2 pairs is fine but suggeste that the community would know more about 3 pairs. Thanks

Support locations on bottom of Playbase

I am considering a Playbase. The shelf I am intending to place it on measures 14.5" in depth. I can handle the cords on the backside with a carefully placed hole at the rear, but I am concerned as t...

Sonos connect and external amp/speakers

Hello, I recently purchased a record player (with built in amp) and a sonos connect so that I could play vinyl through my sonos set up. That works like a charm, but I’d like to boost the sound in a ro...

Sonos Connect Amp and Speaker Volume is

I just got a connect amp and wired it up with a pair of outdoor Polk Atrium 4 speakers. After I got everything installed I went to play some tunes... I had to have to volume to about 50% on the slide...

Is Sonos expiring all Zone and Controller products?

I have been a member of the community for many years but had to re-register when I lost access to an email account. The registration page asks you to tick the Sonos products you have from a list, but...

CONNECT:AMP Housing disassembly

Hello - The speaker terminal port of my connect:amp broke off this past weekend. I can replace it on my own (I have experience building amplifiers) but I do not know how to disassemble the connect:amp...


I am holding fire on buying a Sonos Playbar because I am waiting for the Playbar to be supplied in white. When is this likely to happen in the UK? So far, I have purchased IN WHITE the unit that con...

Old dog...new tricks

I’m a recent Sonos convert. Bought the pair of Play 1’s via the promo. Paired them easily for stereo in the living room. Sounds great. Great marketing by the way. I’m a hard core iTunes music guy wi...

B&O 8000's and Connect

Just ordered a Connect to use with my 8000's. New to the forum. Anybody using this combo?

Constant static hiss when not playing on Play 5

my play 5 emits a static hiss from the speaker when music nothing is playing. there is nothing attached to the line-in and the hiss continues no matter how long all music services have stopped playin...

Ceiling speakers - need suggestions on best set up

Recently moved into an existing home that has Klipsch in-ceilling speakers in five rooms + patio. There is a pair in each room along with a local volume control. The speaker runs are all tied to a com...

Sonos Connect and active in ceiling speakers

I already have a Sonos Connect, and is searching for a pair of active (amplified) in ceiling speakers to save me from buying a Sonos Connect AMP. I have found some relatively cheap and recommended blu...


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