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Connect no longer bit-perfect?

It looks like the Connect is no longer bit-perfect. Here's my evidence: let's discuss this. First, I constructed a wav file of pink noise with amplitude ramping up from zero to digital max and back...

Link Sonos amp and two # 3 speakers to stereo receiver

Trying to link Sonos amp and two # 3 speakers (set up successfully) to Yamaha Stereo receiver. I want to be able to hear TV audio, records, CDs and DVD audio. Plz advise, thank you

Names for the ROOMS Namen voor de KAMERS

You have the choice between several NAMES for the ROOMS. But if I want a different name, I can set it? I want veranda or tuinkamer (garden room). Je hebt de keuze tussen een aantal NAMEN voor de KA...

Solo Play 1 speaker sounds like its only playing one side of stereo.

Hi, Sonos aside, what I'm trying to describe is how a song sounds when you listen to it with only 1 speaker (of a 2 speaker pair) activated and you can only hear one "half" of the song in that speaker...

sonos bridge does not work any more

sonos bridge does not work any more how to repair it?

vinyl & sonos

I recently got a sonos soundbar and sub. I am thinking about purchasing a project turntable to play my vinyl on, i am unsure if i need to purchase the sonos connect or will my exist amp suffice.

Amazon Echo?

Dear Sonos, I am coming to a fork in my home automation/music evolution in my home. My question is, when will sonos be controllable via amazon echo? I am voice automating everything and I feel I...

Connect needs Bluetooth output

I would like to use a Connect to play music through my Samsung TV's soundbar. I'd really like to use the Bluetooth input of the soundbar rather than snaking a cable to the Connect. As it stands I'm...

Sonos Connect + Samsung KS8000: Optical input

Hi, I'm planning on buying a Connect so I can use it with my current turntable setup. It occurred me that I can get rid of my Samsung HW-K430 (soundbar + subwoofer) if I connect my TV (Samsung KS80...

Connecting headphones to Connect Amp

I have a Sonos Connect Amp to which I would like to connect headphones. As you know, the Amp does not have have a headphone jack nor does it have output jacks to connect a dedicated headphone amp. I...

W4S Connect Modification worthwhile???

Hello. First post. Would appreciate some advice as I'm having difficulty finding anything online about this that isn't excessively technical. I'm streaming tidal via Sonos Connect, Sonlink arcam DAC,...

Help choosing new passive speakers

Hello All I currently have one of my Sonos Connects playing through a Yamaha RX-V1500 Amp and a pair of floorstanding Linn Keilidh speakers in our large living room 10m x 5m with a double height ce...

Trouble with Connect:Amp, White and Orange Flashing

My Connect Amp is flashing white and Orange. I submitted diagnostic information; Your confirmation number is: 7106534. I disconnected speakers and tried to play music with controller, still flas...

need headphone jack or Bluetooth on Play:1

I disagree with the assessment by Sonos that a headphone jack isn't desirable. Especially for the Play:1, because of where it might be used. I use mine on a bedside table and often cannot play it beca...

I would like to be on the Amazon Alexa Beta if possible.

See Title - I have no idea what other way to let them know.

Physical wall mount volume knob

New hardware idea: I would love an attractive, wireless physical volume knob that could be wall mounted with screws, or just attached to a piece of furniture with double sided tape. The knob would be...

Connecting Sonos to Alexa Dot

Connected Alexa via Yonomi App, however she cannot follow my music command like volume control. My Alexa app shows she is connected to all my Sonos components . Any ideas?

SONOS hardware a dead end?

I read that SONOS is concentrating their efforts on streaming instead of hardware. So I'm wondering from a hardware standpoint, is SONOS a dead end hardware-wise? The really havent released any thing...

Multi Input Connect

Hello, do you think it would be possible to manufacture a new Sonos extension with multiple inputs ? A small box with 3 or 4 analogic entries and 3 to 4 numeric inputs. It would be a great function.....

Recommendations on a Digital Optical Audio Splitter SPDIF

I have only 1 digital out on my Sony TV, I use a fiber optic cable to connect with soundbar. I've purchased a Sennheiser RS195 wireless headphone set up. It has a optical input too. Since only output...

Sonos / Echo Private Beta

So how would one go about getting on the Echo control private beta?

Why are there 2 ethernet connections on the soundbar? Not that I use them.

Why are there 2 ethernet connections on the soundbar. I don't use either one, but I could I do have a network connection I could use, any advantage of using that over wireless?

What to do with Play1 now I have Alexa?

So about a year ago I bought into sonos with a play1 in the kitchen. Great speaker, play Spotify and all good. Then came Alexa dot into the kitchen, excellent device and the way ahead, can play Spotif...

Smell from my Sonos Connect

I have started to power down a Sonos Connect Amp during the week, and powering it back on again art weekends, in an attempt to lower my house-standby consumption. When I power it back on there is a di...

Sonos Boost

Can I use a Sonos Boost to extend the range of my Sonos Net but without it being the component that is connected directly to the router? I have a Sonos Connect attached to the router near the front of...


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