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Powered speakers and connect


Why can't I see my BOOST in the app - despite there being one installed?

I know the Boost is working, based on the system info, but I'm wondering why the Boost Settings tab says You have no boosts in your sonos system - while I have. I'd love to be able to see the unit, ju...

One SUB for Two Rooms

Customer suggested adding the ability to bond a SUB with 2 different Sonos devices.

Line-In not working on Connect:Amp

I am trying to use the line-in on my Connect:Amp. However, when I have a device plugged into the phono sockets, the following message appears: "To use line-in, connect a device to a line-in capable so...

Connect Analog Output Voltage

Anybody know the output voltage on the analog jacks of a connect in low and high volume settings? Having problems with my Crown amp (xls1002) output. The volume level is too low to non existent at...

Speakers say 4-8ohms

Hello all - first post. Brand new to Sonos and loving it! I purchased 2 Connect Amps, and 2 Play 1's. The first Connect Amp powers 4 ceiling speakers (2 in Master Bath and 2 in Master Bedroom) and...



Sonos Play 5 2nd Gen AC Power lead

Despite contacting sonos UK email suppport, they still have not told me where i can buy a new original ac power lead for my new sonos 5 2nd edition. I lost it during a recent house move. Searrched the...

Connect Amp with Airplay will share music to a play 1?

I use a connect amp using Airplay, my question is if I play music to my connect amp (the source beeing the line in, will this signal be sent also to other sonos speakers in the sistem?for example a p...

Headphones with Sonos

I have a Sonos Soundbar and two PLAY 1s connected via my broadband router, which also connects to my PC holding digitised CDs. Is there any way I can connect headphones to listen to internet radio and...

Recommend a small CD Player

Just set up my new Connect-Amp and as I've got loads of CDs I am looking for a small, stand alone, CD player to connect to. Similar proportions to the Amp would be good. Thanks.

Playbar and turntable (with pre-amp)?

I have a question for which I have found half the answer, but not all of it so far... Situation is as follows: - My only speaker at home at the moment is a Playbar, it might get extended with another...

Sonos + mediacenter

Is it possible to connect my Oppo BDP mediacenter + amp + main speakers with the Sonos 3speakers, these playing in surround (back-)modus. The Oppo has 6.1 facilities. The sound of Oppo/Line Magnetic/Q...

Subwoofer out - blown?

Just set it up today, after 3 hours it cut off. Rebooted, unplugged, nothing. Wired speakers still work (Connect Amp). Do I need a new AMP?

Vinyl to multiroom

I understand you can plug a record player into a Sonos Connect to then send to a Sonos speaker, can you send to multiple sonos speakers? And do you need a phono stage or is there one built into the...

Delay from Connect Line In

Here's my setup that Im trying to fix: 1969 Pioneer record player and Tivoli CD inputs going into a 1969 Pioneer receiver. From this device I've got a line in into a Sonos Connect. I then have groupe...

Connect multiple line in devices

I already have a record deck connected to my connect amp. Can I also connect a CD player and still choose between devices via the software?

Line-in not showing up in iOS app or Mac desktop controller with ZP100, ZP80 or two Play:1's

Let me start by stating that I'm a 10 plus year Sonos user and I've been on the beta program in the past. I think I have an above average understanding of how this equipment works. That said, I have a...

Vinyl w/ Connect

I would like to group a record player with a Connect and a receiver with a Connect. Has anyone tried this? I'm guessing there will be a delay. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Can a Sonos Amp handle two 4-ohm speakers?

I have a pair of Vienna Acoustic speakers rated at 4-ohms. I'm considering switching to a Sonos Amp, but wondering if that will work given Sonos lists the amp at 8-ohms. Does this just mean it will pu...

Time delay before line in is on standby again.

Hi. When i use the external source on my connect, it can be configured to auto play on one or more units and with a specific volume. And this is a really great feature... But the time delay from where...

Sonos Connect and Sub cannot work together

Hi, I am wondering why Sonos have decided to build in a limitation so that Sonos Sub cannot be used in combination with Sonos Connect? I have tried, and the app simply denies linking Connect and Sub...

Sonos Connect is missing digital audio input

Why doesn't the Sonos Connect support digital input so that you can use it to attach e.g. Play-3 speakers and the SUB to a TV? Every modern TV utilizes HDMI and Optical Output and you can find less an...

The Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console

Anyone seen pictures of the new Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console which incorporates two Play 5s? I think it’s hideous but leaving that aside I hope Sonos haven’t devoted much time and resources to this...

Boost and smart Wifi by Waoo

I have recently established a fiber connection through the Danish provider Waoo. The fiber is great and stable. However, I often find that my Play5s (gen. 2) drop out of the Sonos network. I have to i...


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