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A huge step backward--what are you guys thinking?

Is the new community your idea of an improvement? It is anything but an improvement. Several important threads I started have lost content. When I try and type a response, I can't see the entire re...

Sonos closing|moving the forums ... a good idea?

http://forums.sonos.com/showthread.php?p=254811#post254811 HI Ryan, The new community will be an easy place to ask questions, get answers, and participate in deeper discussions with the most knowled...

New Spam

I suspect these aren't legitimate. https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/91-9660627641-black-magic-specialist-molvi-ji-6798957 https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/fi...

Wish List

I wish that there was a simple, concise list of new posts since I last visited.

Last page of thread missing

over aggressive housekeeping? The last page of at least this thread has been redacted https://en.community.sonos.com/controllers-software-228995/sonos-are-you-reading-this-please-put-the-controller-qu...

Community platform updates

With this new platform we believe we are building the foundation for a great and growing community for years to come, but we also recognise that there’s room for improvement. This platform is differe...

Logging out

In the new Dutch and French communities the systems keeps logging me out. Every time I enter the forum I have to log in. A forum problem?

Research participation request - Feedback on the community

A very good day to all of you! My name is Seline van Dijk and I'm an intern at Insided, the company behind this here community platform. My assignment is to research and design better user engagement...

Excessive moderation

I replied to 3 topics this morning over 2 hours. The first 2 are held awaiting moderation but are yet to "approved". I note from comments in a thread on the Announcements section that others are havi...

Remember me in login does not work

The Remember me option when logging in the community does not work... Every day I have to log in again.


I'm a novice That's what I get on my status after passing the digital expert test 10 years ago. Never mind..

No Email?

I am not getting any emails from the site and I cannot find where to check that the email address is right. Thanks

What is the difference between "Comment" and "Reply"?

Here is a typical Topic list and the Member's profile summary. What is the difference between "Comment" and "Reply". How does one get credits for "Answers"?

Spam via Sonos community or Sonos?

Just received an email linking me to the Sonos community. “vivi4love vivi4love 3 minutes ago Hello Dear Friend, How are you doing Today? Hope you are in good health.I will like to invest in your Cou...


guys I seem to have two accounts now Username jas_williams that has all my posts from the old forums. And this new account that is linked to my sonos ID any way to combine them ?

Sonos staff comments

I am becoming quite upset by the comments of Sonos staff in this forum. I don't mean their factual commentary, which is greatly appreciated, but I am less thrilled by non-factual comments. A few minut...

Badges and "scores"

Would anyone agree that the system of badges and all the rest of it that has been introduced with the revamped forum is actually a huge mistake? Now that I have started reading the forum a little agai...

Why do I need to log in to my account to change room settings?

My bass was a bit too deep for how late at night it was and the song I was listening to, and I wanted to just go quick change the volume on my bass in that room. I was told it'd been a while since I'd...

New Community Feedback Topic: New Posts Display

One of the recurring requests from the 'huge step backwards thread is to implement a quick way to view new threads and new posts, similar to a display mode which was present on Vbulletin. We've also h...

RSS feed of all posts

I subscribed to the old community via rss everything just appeared , (Shrook) I subscribed to and read the posts that interested me. However now it seems that I have to have an issue or a question a...

Recently Active Topics not working on Chrome/Android

Hasn't worked for a week now, get "This page is not available /go to home page". Bog standard Chrome on bog standard Galaxy S5. Yet another InSided issue, sigh.

Forum Software not marking items as "read"

It's 7:30PM PDT, and I'm doing a run through of unread posts from today. Unfortunately, the software isn't marking them as read when I've actually read them. A few days ago, I ran into an issue simila...

Finding new posts

The old forum featured a built-in search (?do=getnew) that returned a listing of every post made since the last time I signed in, and I used that as my bookmark to the forum. Does the new community h...

Group Button - A very nice to have

Essentially I have set up two rooms, the TV room (living room) with Playbar and 2 x Sonos 3s. Then there is the dining room 2 x Sonos 1s. What would be brilliant is to have a single button press to jo...

Posts since last visit - or not?

So it looks like the "Active since last visit" option isn't really based on when you last visited the site. It's based on when a cookie was last set on the system. I use at least two computers on a re...


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