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A huge step backward--what are you guys thinking?

Is the new community your idea of an improvement? It is anything but an improvement. Several important threads I started have lost content. When I try and type a response, I can't see the entire re...

Wish List

I wish that there was a simple, concise list of new posts since I last visited.

New Community Feedback Topic: Reply Field

One of the themes expressed in the 'huge step backwards' thread is that you'd like to see more communication from Sonos about what feedback has been heard, and what we're planning to do with it. It wi...

A place to suggest and vote on new features

Is there any chance of bring back the 'Ideas' concept from the old 'Ask' site ? How will you capture and assess the popularity of potential new features without one ? I know you dont publish a roadmap...


Are there any plans to add the audiobook service Storytel (storytel.com) for the Sonos system?

New Product Suggestion

How about a portable Sonos unit that has a rechargeable battery that we can use in our garden, terrace, by the pool or anywhere that has no power is available. Something similar to the Bose Soundlink...

A long term support version of the controller

Can we have a l0ong term support version of the controller for those of us who don't want all the 'New' features and are happy with something that works

Beam and Sub combo .... wow.

I bought a Beam a few weeks back to go with my new OLED and thought it wasn't quite punchy enough so I added the Sonos Sub to the mix and Trueplayed it yesterday. The result is excellent and am extrem...

Community platform updates

With this new platform we believe we are building the foundation for a great and growing community for years to come, but we also recognise that there’s room for improvement. This platform is differe...

New Feature request - 'subtle skip' button

Could we have a 'subtle skip button which does a 12second crossfade into the next track? When you skip a track now it's really obvious and causes a very noticeable interruption. This would be awesome...

Forum Civility

Hey Everybody... I'm Tim... I've been installing Sonos for about 3 years now and own many of their products as well. You can call me a Huge Sonos Fan, but I'm not a Sonos employee. I read some discus...

How do I change my username?

I am wondering how can I change my username, I’ve went through “my profile” and there is no option for username change.


Sonos controller should behave like an appliance. Stop updating my controller with forced updates.

It’s been fun but I’m done

So long SONOS! After years of being an overzealous supporter of SONOS and suggesting to friends, making excuses to my family, spending hours weekly on “some new issue” and still purchasing over 40 SO...

Re-opening the Dutch and French forums

Next to the feedback we have received from you about the platform and the design, another important area that we want to give attention to is the local-language forum sections that existed on forums.s...

SUB Dual Settings for TV & Music

Hi Just wondered if anyone else would like to have this function, Have a dual setting on App for music and TV, since most people use the sub differently from the two, Would also be great if the Sub se...

Most Liked

How easy is this feature to abuse? I only ask as someone with a high percentage of negatively worded posts is currently the most liked..... Is the negativity genuinely attracting a large number of l...

Saving multiple wifi connections

I believe that the idea of saving multiple wifi connections to a single Sonos speaker Play:1 would be a great benefit to many Sonos users, because I would like to move one of my speakers to alternativ...

Why bother reporting posts orthreads?

Never, repeat never get any feedback. Nor is there ever any thanks. I'm done reporting posts. This latest Spam attack and the COMPLETE absence of any visible actions, NO user engagement apart from 1...

Spaming Private Message

To whom do you report spammers using Private Messages? Specifically "LauraRalph" who uses and email address of sergeantlaurarealph7@gmail.com? Google that address and there's lots of people reporting...

Sonos, why did you stop my music?

What gives Sonos the right to come into my home and stop me using equipment that I paid for to play my musc from my server in my home? It is outrageous and unacceptable behaviour. It might have been...

Suggestion: Room Selection Presets

What I want, is the ability to create Room Presets under the 'rooms' section of the app. This would mean you could select room x,y and z and save it as a preset, or just rooms x and z under a differen...


I'm a novice That's what I get on my status after passing the digital expert test 10 years ago. Never mind..

Where did my Likes go??

I had over 400 stars/likes on the ask.sonos.com site! Now on this new site, I have no reputation apparently.I know there were LOTS of people that had more than that. I guess none of those likes/stars...


Why does starting a topic here prepend Question: to the title? How do I make it not do this?


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