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Lower volume

Really wish the volume could be turned down lower especially for alarms and low background music

So fed up with this company!

questions to their customer service is always answered with some crappy standard email. Forcing updates on absolutely everything constantly. Why? I want to use an old Mac to serve as the music libra...

Added Functionality

Let devices play to the speaker over Bluetooth directly instead of only through certain apps. E.g. Let my computer see the device and install it as a Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, provide an app...

Add functionality to the alarm #featurerequest

I enjoy the alarm feature on the app, but I REALLY wish you would add more features to it. For example, the simple ability to choose what days of the week an alarm be set for would be great. (I.E. I d...

Feature Requests: memory and auto play

have a huge system and have had for years but have 2 real annoyances. 1- when you lose power or reset your wifi you lose all of your groupings around your house and you lose what was last playing....

Use amp for Dolby atmos

I’m just wondering if it would be possible with future software updates to use a Sonos amp to get a full Sonos Dolby atmos setup? It seems that you can already use the amp in a 5.1 setup to provide th...

Stop upgrading my product before it becomes junk.

I've had a Sonos for about five years. It worked great for the first two, before the upgrades really started, before the "create an account to use a system you've already paid a lot of money for" BS....

Customer Compaints - how to get a response?

Hi, Can anyone advise me of how to get through to a Manger at Customer Services to make a complaint regarding an order. They just seem to ignore you. I have sent emails with an automatic reply of we w...

Scam/spam users sending me PMs

Sonos - please can you add a facility to block/report users? I have a message from a scam user and I can't delete it! Thanks

Advice: not work with DHL as transportation provider

Hi, It's incredible that paying for a premium product you get a cheap and bad service in the delivery. What a irritating and unpleasant experience. DHL service: 1st attemp of delivery: they claim th...

Sonos purchase in the US - to use abroad?

Has anyone taken a Sonos from the US to Japan? Does a US model work in Japan?

Lost popular music services

Recently moved. Had my system for over 5 years and always update. When I set my system up at my new home I lost pandora, Spotify and amazon music as music service options. In fact the only service I r...

Sonos tie at 2 Separate Locations - Amp and Projector

I am looking for advice on two items. Big Sonos Fan! I just added my apple music and wow .. just turned Sonos into the go to streaming of my latest music collection. Never used it for this before a...

A Boost Suggestion

I have an audio dropout problem with my Sonos system. I didn't have this problem when I first got my Sonos system, or for several years after. In searching the internet for solutions to the problem...

Alarm function issues

Don't mistake me, I love my sonos system but one small matter has gone further than being an irritable itch. I want 2 rooms to start an alarm at the same time each (there is no option to link rooms on...

Broken thread

When I go to this thread: https://en.community.sonos.com/amazon-alexa-and-sonos-229102/petition-to-add-local-library-playback-to-alexa-sonos-voice-control-6791576 And try to go to page two, after a...

Sonos Community doesn’t stay logged in

The Sonos Community does not remember my username and password for very long. When I go to access it the next day I am signed out and have to login again. I wish that it would remember my credential...

Waste of money

About to eBay my £400 Sonos Beam. Audio synch is a joke having to reset it every program. Sonos support are useless. Given up.

Renaming ISSUE

Is anyone else having an issue with renaming speakers after setting a name. I currently have a speaker in my bathroom which I have named it that but now have moved it to my ensuite as it gets more use...


Does anyone knows when Spotify plans to put sorting for my lists?

Community feedback: Feature requests

Before the community existed in this form, Sonos had a website where feature requests had a separate status, and could be voted for. Some features introduced back then were based on popular demand. No...

Hotel System

I travel quite a bit, one thing I miss or wish I had when in the hotel is a good sound system to pay my music\podcasts. I think the better hotels would be open to a complete system. How I see that wo...

Beam and Sub combo .... wow.

I bought a Beam a few weeks back to go with my new OLED and thought it wasn't quite punchy enough so I added the Sonos Sub to the mix and Trueplayed it yesterday. The result is excellent and am extrem...

Feature Request - Audio Delay/Sync

Is it possible that you could include some sort of manual audio delay/sync feature for each speaker/groups of speakers via the app? I have Sonos and regularly use airplay to utilize my home theater se...

2 Suggestions - Airplay 2 in all devices & Offsite remote control

(1) I know very recent release products, come with Airplay 2 built into them. Question is, why not have ALL prior model devices, that are hitting the manufacturing assembly lines NOW, also come with i...


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