Zone Switching Sucks!

  • 1 December 2018
  • 5 replies

Every time I try to switch zones I have to go through hoops to do what used to just work. Will you PLEASE STOP MESSING WITH THE USER INTERFACE?

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5 replies

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Which user interface? The desktop app?
The smartphone interface for zone switch is sticky. It takes huge effort to move a song from one Zone to another
I think they need to rearchitect the user interface for the app completely. The controls mostly just follow their data definitions. You can tell when you have to work your way through multiple selections to find things. Typical rookie architect mistake. They need a home control screen that has all room volume, speaker volume and tone settings in one place. Including audio delay for home theater. Where are the on off selections?
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User interface for rooms is probably best it has ever been with rooms button and the quick add room feature (improved not being the confusing red room title). If they don’t switch fast it would be network issues that you should address
I agree. They would not have to change any existing features. The combined cintrol panel would just be a view. Not rearchitecting any data or finctions.