yet another sad customer

  • 27 January 2020
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A zillion others have said it, but I have to join in the massive venting over Sonos deciding that I’ll have to split my system in the future. 

I won’t do that. Period. That removes the ONE unique feature of a large Sonos system, the ability to stream sources to whatever zones I want. 

so I’ll have to either a) reject all updates across the system, for as long as I can, or b) replace the vast majority of my gear and feed it into a landfill. SHAME ON YOU SONOS. I guess I’ll go with the first option as long as I can. 

rather than spend thousands of dollars upgrading, I’ll research alternatives. I will buy from a company I trust.

I can’t believe that overnight Sonos got me thinking this way. I was a super early adopter and like many here have been a huge evangelist. 

What a fool I feel like. I’m not sure how Sonos can regain my trust. They don’t deserve my support anymore. I want a divorce but will see how long I can run the clock until they brick me for good. Shame on you!

1 reply

A very sensible approach to take.