Wow Sonos. If I claim an upgrade discount you raise my retail price? Is that legal?

  • 3 October 2021
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Shopping for a Sonos Move.  Retail is $399.  Sonos website is $399.

I see in the process that Sonos reminds me I should brick some of my older gear and call this an upgrade.  I agree to brick a component and go to apply the discount.

Magically, the Sonos Move price quoted to me on has immediately RAISED to $499 pre-discount.  with 15% discount it’s $424.  So you bricked my traded-in component, and now I get to pay you $25 *more* than I would pay by buying retail?!?

Sonos, you have lost your way.

and, I expect there has to be a law or regulation that makes this improper.  Shame on you.

8 replies

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Whilst I can’t comment on the price issue, I’m sure I’m right in saying nothing is “bricked” any more: you can still use the older product. 

Sonos raised there prices across the board about three weeks ago.

The price increase has nothing to do with you personally.  As far as the trade in, unless you signed up for the program in it’s early stages around late 2019, your legacy speaker should continue to work as normal.


Sonos raised there prices across the board about three weeks ago.


…which says: 

Product Current price Price as of 9/12 Price increase
Move $399.00 $399.00 $0.00


Who knows where the OP got the figure of $499 from. I also see $399 list on the US site. ($279.30 taking into account an unused 30% discount coupon.)

I am the OP, and I got the $499 price from  right now.  The price went up on their website immediately after I claimed the upgrade discount, and before I completed the purchase.  Yet others are still quoted $399.  This was the point of the post.  It’s clear to me that their website jacked up my price to (more than) offset the promised discount.

I don’t see $499 listed anywhere for the Move.

Post a screenshot.

Hi @ek912,


Move is $499 in Canadian Dollars. If you’re in the US, please make sure you’re viewing the US site by scrolling the to the very bottom of the page and choosing United States from the country drop down on the left.


As others have pointed out, Move is, and continues to be, $399 USD.

The $499 price was the price only I saw, when authenticated on with my account, and only after I claimed an upgrade to purchase it.  And just now (within the past hour), it has magically reverted to $399.  every time, authenticated as me, in my ~10 year old account, and viewing in USD.  

  1. $399  when I was searching and decided to purchase
  2. Click upgrade to trade in a unit
  3. price is now $499
  4. raise the issue on Sonos community and wait for some engagement
  5. price is now restored $399

While the $499 price was quoted to me, I checked with two other people, who were still seeing $399 on the same US website.  



Move is $499 in Canadian Dollars.

Ah. Well sleuthed.