why is the legacy trade up not available in New Zealand?

  • 23 January 2020
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As a Sonos customer with several products (playbar, sub, 3 x play 3’s, two plays 1’s, two boost, Sonos one) what on earth is the justification for not including New Zealand in the trade up program? It’s only by luck I don’t own any play 5’s and lets be honest play 3’s won’t be far from joining this list along with the playbar? Am I to be left with bricks and no motivation or financial possibility to continue using your product while the rest of the world saves a third for each product they replace?! I’m outraged and will have to consider preemptively selling off all my Sonos products before they become worthless and encourage the poor souls I recommended your products to to do the same. Very disappointed 


Best answer by shhbrown 28 January 2020, 05:03

I’m with you both. I have had messages from the CEO and Support team which have been of little use given the invalidity of TradeUp here in NZ. I have emailed them again and will let you know if I hear anything.

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Yeah I’m the same. Its bad enough having a legacy program, its another to not value NZ customers. I was in with Sonos from the early days - and this is what you get. Just give us a 35% coupon and a place to drop the old stuff.

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Any reply or explanation for this Sonos? 

I’m with you both. I have had messages from the CEO and Support team which have been of little use given the invalidity of TradeUp here in NZ. I have emailed them again and will let you know if I hear anything.

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Would be keen to know what you hear back, gutted having been a loyal customer for so long to have to dump all my gear and start over, but then again I guess this is some exciting new ideas from other companies 

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Do Sonos have an actual presence in NZ? is not a live domain. Sonos is not in every country, for example while exists you can’t buy anything from them in Mexico, you have to use 3rd party sellers. There are also no doubt legal and logistical issues effecting this program in different countries.

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Course they don’t, very few companies do, I don’t however see what difference that makes? I’m still a loyal customer, I still buy their products that they choose to sell here and they are still fully capable of putting our devices in recycle mode and providing a 30% discount through their chosen retailers. They are just choosing not to because they obviously feel their customer base in NZ and other “smaller” countries isn’t large enough to worry about losing. 

I do note there is information on the Trade up countries page. 

HI team. I have just spent a fruitless hour trying to see how to upgrade my legacy Sonos products only to read in the terms and conditions that, unlike our Aussie cobbers, New Zealand is not on the list of accredited countries. 

I have been a loyal Sonos devotee for over 10 years and love the product. I am feeling significantly peed off to say the least that we are being neglected and prevented from doing the one thing that Sonos is actually asking us to do! You get an email saying Trade Up and all will be fine only to find for us as New Zealanders this is not available. Poor form Sonos. What is your response????

Did you read the link I provided?

Yep, on to it


Thanks Airgetlam, I just emailed the NZ contact to find out what they are offering.....

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@brad9999  any response?

I think we could have a go at them under the Fair Trading Act for a non-disclosed change in terms

@dutyfree  yes i recieved a reply from the, they are able to offer the same 30% off trade up deal. so at least that part is “good news”.

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@brad9999 yes, “good news”, but I wont be parting with any more money for Sonos.  I think I will watch the tech develop and when the Sonos dies or two features I use, Spotify and Tunein dont work I will look at what is best at the time.  I'm not up for a 5 or so year reinvestment cycle.

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Where are you getting the five year reinvestment cycle?

The minimum full support period is five years from when Sonos quits selling a device. Historically it has been far longer and there are no indications of any reason for Sonos to need to do another Legacy split off. Legacy gear will still work, it just won’t get new features.

Yes I am not 100% sure about more Sonos $ either, but I am thinking if of trading in my old Port for a playbar or beam as no longer have the need for the port...


Just Traded up at Sound Store in Newmarket, Auckland. Easy as. If you can, just take your trade pieces in, they take them off your hands and replace with shiny new ones (After providing a few more dollars!)

All very easy. Why didn’t Sonos let us Kiwi users know of this avenue directly????