Utilizing ARC with Bell Fibe Receiver and Beam

  • 11 April 2019
  • 4 replies

I am the proud new owner of a Beam and Sub. I’m having trouble though hooking up my Beam to utilize HDMI-ARC on my TV (and the extra features)

I have a:
1. TV with ARC,
2. Beam and
3. Bell Fibe receiver

If I run HDMI from Beam to ARC on TV how would I hook up my Bell Fibe receiver? Seems like it’s a toss up between reduced picture quality or sound. Does anyone have an idea I’m missing? My current hookup is: Beam into optical on TV while Bell Fibe receiver is connected to HDMI-ARC on TV.

On a side note, to control volume using Bell Fibe remote with Beam is brutal! Literally have to tap many times or hold button down or a solid 5-10 seconds. I’ve tried reprogramming but it does not improve.


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4 replies

Does your TV only have one HDMI input? Normally speaking, you'd connect the source device (the Bell Fibre) to one of the non-ARC HDMI ports, and connect the Beam to the HDMI-ARC port.

Not going to be much help on the remote front, though. I'd suggest new batteries, and making sure that the IR sensor on the Beam isn't blocked by something. Saw a post recently about someone with a Plasma TV that was bright enough that Sonos was recommending a certain amount of shielding to the IR sensor.
The other alternative, if available, is just to connect the Beam with the optical cable from the TV to the adapter that came with the beam. You lose a little bit of functionality, i.e. voice control of the TV that way, but the sound quality would be the same. Then you wouldn't have to worry what HDMI input you use for any device.
Thank you Bruce for your help. I have two HDMI ports on my Panasonic Viera (plasma) and currently have the Beam set up utilizing the optical input on TV. I was trying to figure out a way so I can use all the features like voice control. I’ve done a little more research and it sounds like I need an HDMI ARC output on my TV which I think is different than the normal HDMI ARC I have. If this is the reason why it would make sense as I don’t know how anyone would hook up to TV and Bell Fibe receiver to get voice control to work.

Nothing seems to be blocking the Beam and batteries are fresh on remote. Really odd that the remote doesn’t work well. I’ll look more into the IR piece and shield. I wonder what this would look like.

Let me amend that. Each manufacturer has implemented the HDMI-ARC specification in slightly different ways. But generally speaking, you should be able to plug the Beam into the input that's labeled HDMI-ARC on the TV, and the Bell Fibre on the other input.

I'm fascinated by the issue with the remote, as I recall, the other thread where they were expressing this issue was also on a Plasma TV. I wonder if there's some bleed over in the IR range from the TV which is confusing the IR receiver on the Beam. Worth reading this:

Aha, found the thread that I've been remembering:

Interesting that it's exactly the same brand/make as yours.