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  • 10 June 2020
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I have a Play 5 Gen 1 and eligible for trade up, I would like to know is the trade up promo code good for 1 new product only or entire order? Because I want to expand my Sonos system, I plan to get the Arc, one Play 5 Gen 3 (to replace my old Play 5 Gen 1), one Move, and another pair of One Gen 2. Thanks.


Best answer by jgatie 10 June 2020, 02:07

One item, which includes sets.

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7 replies

One item, which includes sets.

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Maybe look at the ARC and SL surround package to get all three discounted?

Hope it’s ok if I add on to this thread. I thought the 30% could be used for any product but it’s only giving me the option to use it on a new Boost, which I don’t need. 

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Something wrong there, it should be available on any speaker or set. Probably best to call in and get it sorted.

Thanks!  Tried calling today and it was a one hour plus hold time. Will try again. 👍🏻

I think if the upgrade device was a BRIDGE, the discount is restricted to the BOOST. Probably because so many of the BRIDGEs were given away for free early on. 


Can anyone please tell me whether I can utilise the Trade Up programme using a ZoneBridge BR100 & a ZP80 Zone Player (not using either now) as I would like to purchase two white Sonos Move’s.  I also have one pair of Sonos One’s Gen 1, so ideally I am looking to add to the whole system with the Move’s.   Also, how do I go about this as I never registered either of the older products.  Many thanks community!