Total Fail

  • 25 August 2019
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When I was sold this product it was on the promise of easy setup and easy play. That has disappeared. For a few years everything was great. I was sold the product based on using my phone to play music. No computer required. Just plug in the speakers, attached to WiFi, play music. That worked for a few years. Then the music started to skip. And now I have no function at all.
in order to fix this issue I have to either buy a new speaker or download a new program, transfer all my music to that program, and then stream that service through my Sonos. There are some other options but I am not a computer whiz. I cannot tell you what they are.
IMO this is a scam. This is borderline fraud. The entire way I used this product is no longer supported.
Selling a music system that doesn’t support ITunes is an abject failure in every possible sense. Spending more than 2 minutes on something like this makes your product junk. I worked on this for 3 hours today and I’m still not playing music on a system that kinda worked last week and worked really well a year ago. Now it’s a brick. Useless junk.

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