This forum/community seems to be 90% reposts of questions that have already been answered

  • 23 April 2017
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I was hoping to find something closer to the Macrumors forums where there's talk about new products, what you'd like to see in future releases, common excitement about upcoming products etc. but mostly this forum is just people asking the same question over and over. Albeit, there is some of what I've listed above but the vast majority is repetition.

Responses from Sonos staff are nice but often the replies are cryptic as they can't be transparent about the roadmap of the company.

Anyone else feel this way?

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8 replies

Yes, but isn't this normal for any manufacturer hosted forum? None would encourage rumours. Other users do talk about these, but without much Sonos input to these conversations. And the nature of all such forums and its users is that the same question gets asked because no one researches the database of earlier Q&A. Here, this tendency is strengthened by a search function that is remarkably incapable. One gets better results of what has been discussed here via a Google search.
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You're probably right. I just wish it was a little more fun. (And wish they were quicker/more willing to implement requests.)
The messaging from the new CEO also talks about the need for speed. That said, Sonos is rare in keeping their older kit usable much longer than Apple, as one example, is; if slower new feature roll outs are a price to pay for that, IMO, that is a good deal.
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Yeah I want to know that my Sonos stuff is gonna work for years to come. And tbh, it works pretty well already. Lots of room for improvement but I'm generally happy with the way things are.
That is generally the state of affairs with folk that have no axe to grind. And with those that have a stable home Wifi environment.
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If some feature is repeatedly requested by the community.... shouldn't that be a sign to Sonos?
Why do you think it isn't so? Not that it means that Sonos will meet every request that is made here many times - because it still may not make it to the top of the list of Sonos priorities that must be based on taking feedback from other channels as well.
Theres a difference between a thousand posters posting once, and 10 posters posting 100 times each. I suspect the threads that get ignored are more the latter than the former. Also, Sonos has other far more accurate methods of collecting market data, they'd be fools not to.