The NEW web site is HORRIBLE

  • 17 July 2019
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Has anyone been to the new web site? Terrible. Hard to navigate, hard to search, less information than before. It Really has no purpose, it is a terrible upgrade.
I have 12+ products, they are great, but this is an abomination, please fix it. There is no technical information, only product placement and sales, does not help anyone. Sorry, not liking the new site at all, a major step backward, and room for competition to get a step up as potential buyers will go somewhere else, i would.

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2 replies

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Yep I think the new site is pretty bad as well actually thought my computer had a virus for a minute.

Another thing is this forum is almost completely hidden away and I actually thought it was deleted a while ago. I guess it's to discourage discussion of Sonos products.
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But the new site is so fancy, things popping in and out and whipping around the screen. The colors and images are so carefully coordinated too, the Sonos web designer should win a web design prize of some sort.

Now the guy who hired the web designer should be fired. Replaced by someone that realizes a website isn't an art contest but a sales tool and will hire someone that designs a nice looking site that provides all the needed information is a straight forward manner.

I dread having to go there, even the support section gives me hives! Did you know you can't copy an article link? You have to open the page to get a link to it... Worse you can't even open it in a new tab as that is disabled. Somehow I thought folks gave up that stupid web trick back in about 2000.