• 26 June 2016
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Are there any plans to add the audiobook service Storytel ( for the Sonos system?

2 replies

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Sonos provides an open platform for sites and services to be accessible through Sonos. While Sonos can certainly talk to the site about getting onboard, it would be equally wise to let the site know that you want their service available through Sonos and give them the link to Sonos' partners website.

Given that Audible support for Sonos is still being re-developed, there's certainly a lack of audiobook services, so now might be a great time for another to come on board if they can do so quickly.
I agree that Storytel should be on Sonos. I listen to audio books a lot and Storytel has a great selection of audio books. is awesome :)

These days I listen to audio books more than I do music!