Spam suggestion

  • 31 March 2018
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How about only letting new accounts post, say, 3 times in the first 24 hours after the account is opened. That might stop the crazy spam, like all the junk that showed up in the last hour from the same brand-new user. Would give the admins the chance to ban the new user before more junk showed up.

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3 replies

InSided has proven itself to be inept at even the most basic forms of Spam prevention. It cannot even figure out how to calculate a user's post count at the time of posting in order to detect new posters vs old. Simply put, they are incompetent, and their software is not fit for purpose.
Yes, pretty basic stuff for standard BBS software. Unfortunately InSided appears to have written their software from scratch, with zero prior experience with BBS software, so that basic feature probably isn’t available.
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The one thing I like about the InSided forum software is how much nicer every other forum I visit seems after I fight with it here.