• 30 December 2017
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Hi Ive only just joined the community and I appear to have got a spam email from LauraRalph in the USA asking me to contact her. is there any way to delete this or block the spam? thanks Vince

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6 replies

Sonos is working with the provider of these boards in order to delete that spam from everyone's inbox.
By the way, you may want to check this thread:
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Thanks Airgetlam
she is a member on here and sent me a personal message, so is there a delete message button im missing somewhere ?
She’s not likely a member any more, with antics like that. I would imagine that if you have patience, it will disappear from your inbox, once Sonos can get InSided, the people who wrote this board’s software, to delete it.

There is no delete function that we have access to.
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Thank you for the info.
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The private messages have now been deleted. Sorry for the trouble.