Sonos Volume Spikes: Clearly a Sonos App issue

  • 1 February 2020
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I’ve already submitted diagnostics. #1293579001

Watching Amazon prime and suddenly the Sonos volume increases to max. The event appears random but is correlated to utilizing the Sonos App as I was adjusting the base prior to the event. 

Given the existing threads on the topic with other applications such as spotify and more, Sonos is clearly behind the curve and isn’t the product it was 5 years ago. If the same issue arises again and again it’s not a bug, it’s a design flaw. 

When will this be fixed? Given the prevalence of the issue on an array of apps of the past 12 months, is Sonos in free fall? The company is breaking revenue records but is running at loss. Will you invest in your products instead of bonuses?


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The volume issue has been previously diagnosed as caused by the Spotify app. I have seen nothing in this forum that pointed to an actual Sonos-app caused problem with volume. i recall Harmony was a rarer cause of this.

Technically any device on your network can mess with your volume. Next time the volume goes crazy, capture a diagnostic and post the code here, support can usually figure out the offending device.

Less random vitriol might also improve the chances of a helpful response in future.