Sonos support is a joke

  • 20 September 2018
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As the title says.
So I have downloaded iOS 12 into my iPhone 8 with iPad Pro and normal iPad. Soon I’ve realised iPhone 8 battery was going down fast and according to battery setting, Sonos was the cause of the fast drain. In 4 days, it has used about 35% of the battery.
So I have contacted with the support and then the fun has started. Not only they don’t read my replies (asking me if I have experienced the same issue with devices despite me saying right at the beginning I don’t have issue with my iPad), they’ve shared screenshot from iOS11, and then tried to teach me math by calculating actually what battery shows is not the actual drain but the percentile of the cumulative etc etc. Then they’ve asked me again if I ever experience the issue with another device(!) and just while I was responding them, got an email saying my ticket has been marked as solved, what a joke.

Seriously guys, I’m not surprised your investors are not happy. In a time, where you have plenty competitors, what you shouldn’t have is a incompetant support. That is one thing your customers will benchmark you.

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5 replies

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Hi fatihayoglu, sorry to hear you're having trouble working with the team. I've pulled up your case and passed it over to the right team for review to see what might have happened. It looks like it was accidentally closed in error, but your reply to the email reopened it. The team will be in touch to continue troubleshooting.

I haven't had a chance to fully review your case, so pardon me if you've tried my suggestions, but for this sort of issue, I'd start with two steps for the iPhone. First off, uninstalling and re-installing the app may help, and secondly, I'd also suggest testing out disabling the lock screen controls if you haven't yet.
Ryan, thanks for getting back to me.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and will monitor.
I have disabled lock screen controls.

However lock screen controls are enabled on my iPad and the battery gauge is rock steady with that device.
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However lock screen controls are enabled on my iPad and the battery gauge is rock steady with that device.
I know it can seem like a silly question, but does the iPad have the same "leaving the house and coming back" habits that your phone does?

Sometimes apps can use more power when not on the wifi or when on different networks.
Hi Ryan, no iPad sits at home but the battery drain happens when I am at home as well.
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Thanks, just making sure there isn't a correlation there.