Sonos on Discord

  • 31 July 2020
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I see the question was raised 2 years ago and asked again 1 year ago. I’d like to refresh the question: Are there any plans to integrate Sonos and Discord?

Reason for my question: I’ve connected with a group of friends with similar interests over Discord, and we now have music streaming parties where one of us will stream something through Relisten on a web browser, and we all listen in the audio channel with mics on mute. I’d like to be able to play what I’m playing through my Sonos system with the app (saved playlists, music library, my spotify account, etc.). I’ve already got it set up to play the streams over the house system (laptop connected to TV connected to Amp). However, to stream from my own library, I have to use Windows Media Player. Discord does show Sonos as an option when I share my screen for a stream, but when chosen it just displays to them what it’s playing to me without sound because the app is not actually playing on my PC. I know this is oddly specific, and I think it makes sense after a lot of editing. Hopefully this will help the developers when deciding what features are needed for the integration. Thanks Sonos Team!

3 replies

Sonos doesn’t release a feature map.

Also, Sonos has published an API that any company can integrate with Sonos. The integration in this case would need to start with Discord, by them going to the Sonos partners page and starting the process. For legal reasons, most likely, Sonos just can’t go out and add random streams to their system, it requires a certain amount of effort on the other party’s part, both on a legal front, and a code front. 

For instance, Sonos wouldn’t want to be sued for carrying music that isn’t properly licensed, that would likely need to be a legal point that would be settled before the Discord folks would even work on the API integration.

I can understand that. Thanks, Bruce. I thought more about it, and I guess I don’t even need an integration as much as I just need to be able to add my computer to our system as a speaker, but there’s a whole bag of worms there, too, I’m sure. I’m a huge fan of our sound system and using the Sonos app. I’ve already figured out a workaround for most of what I want to do that it can’t currently do. I guess I’m mostly wanting the convenience of playing my Sonos playlists I’ve made, but I can always just make another one in Media Player. 

Laugh. Yea, couldn’t have put that any better...bag of worms!

It’s possible, though and more so if you’re not expecting audio to sync with video. I used to connect my Mac’s headphone output tI the line in on a PLAY:5, so I could listen to baseball on TuneIn radio. Worked great, even with the 75 ms delay, since I wasn’t watching anything on the monitor, but completely unusable for playing games.

Somewhere around here, there is a thread where some folks have connected a Beam to their PC, using the optical adapter. Since that’s a digital input, much less delay for the input, but if you’re grouping other rooms, you then get the 75ms delay between the sound bar and the grouped rooms. 

And making sure the output of the PC on an optical cable is correct (Dolby Digital only, nothing else) can sometimes require fiddling with both the PC’s system, as well as the application in use. It can be done, it’s just fiddle until you set it up, and then, just like anything else Sonos, it just works.