sonos not working with spotify

I am thinking of replacing this system with Bose. For at least three months now we have been unable to connect to Spotify. Connection lost. It plays half a song or a bit more then cuts out. I have rebooted the router, set up the Sonos system again removed and reapplied Spotify accounts all to no avail. It used to work well with the Sonos 1 controller but am unable to revert to that as it doesn’t allow me the option. This system needs sorting as I am not the only one with this issue and you can tell am extremely frustrated that a system that used to work no longer works. Without being able to use a streaming service the Sonos is useless to us.

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Oh yes and trying to connect through Spotify doesn’t work either!!!!

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Have you tried rebooting your router and all you connected devices?  This would be the first step as it sounds like you have Network issues. 

If you can’t get Sonos to work in spite of all the suggestions here, the last thing to turn to for a solution would be Bose! An Echo Dot, wired to any decent powered speaker is the much better and almost certainly cheaper option to Bose; that would of course depend on your choice of powered speakers to use with the Dot, which, for this application can even be used with the mic turned off all the time if you don't want to give Alexa access to the home.

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Did you call Sonos to provide them with a chance to help you?