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  • 7 July 2020
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Hi guys

I have a Sonos Alexa and I also bought another extra speaker so when I have  a party in different rooms, I can use both speakers. 

My Alexa works but I cannot sinq my iPhone to access my playlists. I can only play my playlists through iTunes which defeats the whole object of purchasing the product in the first place. 

I can play radio stations through Alexa but nothing else. Is this a fault with the set up and do I have to unplug my SKY rooter and reboot? 

Can you listen to Youtube music videos through Sonos? My wife’s question lol. 

Kind regards


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5 replies

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Please clarify what you have: a “Sonos Alexa”? and “another extra speaker”? A lot depends on the answer.

If you are expecting simultaneous sync music between any Sonos device and any Amazon device you will be disappointed.

So you can play your (Apple Music?) playlists, but what other thing do you want to play that you cannot?

SKY routers are not the best but there should be no need to mess with it in this scenario.

You can AirPlay YTM from the YTM app on the iPhone to an AirPlay-compatible Sonos device.


Thank you for your reply. 

I have a Sonos Alexa as mentioned in my first sentence above. The other speaker is Sonos too but not an Alexa.  

When I first received the Sonos, I was able to play all my iPhone music through both Alexa and the other Sonos speaker. I set them both up in different rooms of my house because we were having a party. In fact, it was perfect having two speakers in two different areas of the house. I was able to play jazz music at a slightly lower volume in one room, and in the other room where we had a younger crowd, we played some of the more upbeat tunes. 

Now, for some reason, I cannot play any of my playlist from my iPhone direct but only through iTunes. However, I can access the radio stations from Alexa and play them through the second speaker too. 

All I want to do is use the main Alexa speaker of my Sonos to access my playlist from my iPhone to play through my Sonos system as that’s the main reason I asked for this as a birthday present a couple of years ago now. 

I agree about the Shy Routers, they're certainly not the best.

Don’t worry about any other music I can play, please. My wife can get her own device lol. 

Thanks again

Kind regards


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There is no such thing as a “Sonos Alexa”. Some Sonos speakers are Alexa-enabled for some voice commands. That’s why controlav asked for clarification. It might, for example, be a Sonos One? Or something else?


Yes, I have the Sonos 1 with built in Alexa. Plus my children bought me the extra Sonos speaker. 

Thank you

Kind regards


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If your “Sonos Alexa” or your “Sonos speaker” supports AirPlay (without model numbers its impossible to tell, there are ~15 different possible devices), use that to play anything from your phone to one or both of them.

I am guessing that your devices are in fact too old to support AirPlay, and that you used to use “on this iPhone” to play things. That feature was removed about a year ago because Apple disabled it. If so you will need to explore the well-documented other options to play music files in that case.