Sonos not connected to TV

  • 18 October 2019
  • 2 replies

My Sonos is set up for TV, which appears on my daughters phone and she can control volume and everything else from there.  But it does not show up in my app on my phone!  We both have apple phones and we are both connected to the same WiFi.  I tried to connect with my phone but the app says it can’t find the network and can’t find the Sonos system.  I e had trouble from the beginning and it was so often I hired a private tech geek on an annual basis to help me; he said Sonos is the worst system and he wouldn’t use it.

any suggestions??

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2 replies


Do you happen to have any WiFi extenders, or a mesh network, or some other non-standard (not old school) network?

What I think is happening is that your phone is connecting to a different network, or subnet, than your daughter’s phone is, and your controller isn’t able to connect with the Sonos system.

One way to resolve this (if you have some sort of non standard setup), is to connect one of your speakers to your router with an Ethernet cable. This puts your Sonos in the “wired” or “SonosNet” mode, and as long as that speaker is wired to the “hub” of your network, and not an extender of any type, all connected controllers should see the same thing. 

You may also want to check to ensure that your daughter’s phone and yours are connected to the same WiFi. There are some routers that have a small difficulty in transferring data from a 5Ghz channel, which your phone may be connected to, and the 2.4Ghz channel, which both your daughter’s phone and the Sonos are connected to.

A further observation. When a private tech geek hasn't got a clue he will blame the equipment.  This is an issue with your network, not Sonos. F