Sonos come up with hardware "bridge" to continue support for legacy products

  • 23 January 2020
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The idea of having my speakers and amps go EOL is bad. Speakers and Amps can last 40+ years in the audio world. At this point I have no plans to upgrade my sonos products due to the idea that new products will only have support 5 years after they are discontinued. I understand that tech changes but i should not be forced into this and have my thousands of dollars of equipment just stop working at some point.


I think sonos should come out with a bridge with beefy CPU, ram and storage that can act as a way to continue support for the legacy devices. The bridge could stream music to multiple legacy devices so they do not go obsolete. Please consider this. Its the only way i will ever buy another Sonos product.

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3 replies

Brilliant idea! Or they should continue to support the older hardware with the capabilities they have now, none of the updates really have mattered besides the Apple Music connection, which was nice addition. Mostly play the radio stations for background music in the house.

Sorry to say dropping support for the whole system I have bought will not make me happy to buy any Sonos in the future with a mere 30% discount (Maybe 70 would do it?!), no matter what happens in a year or two, totally unacceptable. Unless this decision is turned around before the updates are stopped, I will definately not continue to add more rooms into my system, and will recommend other solutions to my friends. It is just Crazy. Thank god I did not go the Sonos route in my living room home theather :D

Great idea, be good if you could get a job at SONOS, maybe you could talk some sense into them!!!!

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Good idea, and it needs to be free!