SONOS Alternatives

  • 24 January 2020
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Any recent movers to another ecosystem? Any one currently looking at moving?

I’d be interested in your experiences and thoughts.


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Any multi-room speaker system that modeled themselves after Sonos is going to run into the same problems.  Bose is the biggest.  However, Bose has another way of dealing with out of date hardware, they just discontinued their entire lineup of SoundTouch speakers because they couldn’t do Alexa.  Bought one day, off the market the next, after 4 short years, with no promise of updates.

Which makes me chuckle when people mention Bose.

But if you really want to risk it with other makes, there’s Denon (who are paying Sonos for patent infringement), Bluesound (who are being sued by Sonos for patent infringement), Bose (see above), and the various voice enabled speakers by Amazon and Google (not quite the quality and/or functionality of Sonos and also lawsuits).

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Keep ‘em!  Just find an alternative means of using them - think raspberry pi & a media server solution