Sonos 2 App: My experience

  • 31 July 2020
  • 1 reply

Man, what a struggle it has been including speaking to a Sonos Tech support person! My speaker is a Beam. Fabulous speaker; let's get that out of the way! Anyhow, all of a sudden when I updated to Sonos App S2 today, the app would not find the speaker no matter what I did. The tech guy said, connect the speaker by ethernet to my Eero WiFi system. Great idea; the speaker needed a hardware update, I was told, and it went ahead with it. So far so good; app on WiFi connected to the speaker on ethernet. Then connected the speaker back to WiFi and again, the app would not connect no matter what I did, but this time the Google app did work. A bit later I turned the app back on, and voila, it had already found the Beam and ready to go! Whew. Hope this lasts! And two glasses of wine later, I'm fine! :)

1 reply

Uhhhh. I spoke too soon. I found that none of my music apps work via the Sonos app! Not one! The Beam speaker is obviously connected to my WiFi because Google works on it, checks the weather etc. But the S2 APP WILL NOT CONNECT TO THE SPEAKER! Go to Google Play Store and see the countless 1-Star reviews cursing this new S2 update! And strangely, the S1 app no longer works either!