sonos 1 will not connect

  • 8 May 2020
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I have tried everything to reconnect Sonos 1’s

the only thing I have not done yet is a factory reset because of fear in losing all data ..


please help

8 replies

We’ll need more info.  You say ‘reconnect’ so they were connected before?  How / why did they become disconnected?  Are these your only Sonos components or is the rest of the system still up and running?  Do you have a Sonos device wired to your router?

Thanks for responding ..


• Sonos Play bar

• Sonos Sub woofer

• Sonos Move

• Sonos 1 (2)


recently the Sonos 1’s we disconnected and not showing up in the Sonos Controller App


i have tried everything including deleting and re adding   the Sonos Controller App

I have also tried adding individually instead as surround with the Play bar and Sub


i also turned off router and turned back on…



HELP Please !!




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Unplug the 1’s. Power off the router and wait 3 minutes. Reboot the router. When it’s fully rebooted, power up the first 1, and see what happens. It might also be worth temporarily ethernet-cabling the 1 just in case its a wifi issue.

Good suggestion from @nik9669a . If that doesn't work I would try factory resetting one of the Sonos Ones ONLY. Then add it back as if it were a new speaker using Add Product. Whether it works or not please post back. 

Are the Playbar and Sub connected wirelessly?

Thank you both Nik9669a and John b

i am def going to try that

thought of using the Ethernet to see but was afraid to mess up anything

my next option was to factory reset but that too I was afraid of losing all data etc


will update what happens soon


appreciate again



Finally decided to try adding back the Sonos 1’s

i unplugged router with both Sonos1’s

waited  a few minutes rebooted router

went into the Sonos app

 clicked on add surround 

almost completed  until this came up

i will try using an Ethernet cable to one of the speakers and if that still doesn’t work… I give up


It may be a hardware fault. So you could submit a system diagnostic and post the number back on here. Or call Sonos Support so that they can remote access your system and take a proper look.

Thank you John B

i am thinking to call them tomorrow and have a tech walk me through.

will update for sure