Song stops playing on Sonos One

  • 1 April 2020
  • 2 replies

Does anyone know how to fix the following problem: when I play a song on the sonos one, it sometimes randomly stops and gives me this message: 'unable to play (name of the song)- please upgrade your account with spotify to become a full subscriber'

I have a fully upgraded, working spotify app as well as the Sonos app. I am using Android and I have spotify premium.

Any ideas? 


2 replies

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Sounds like a connection issue with some interference.

I would go into….submit a diagnostic

Post the diagnostic number here or call sonos with that number for them to look at your wifi environment and look for any issues.

Do you have strong wifi where the Sonos unit is located.   Is this your only sonos unit?


Moderator Note: How to submit a diagnostic report

I’d also be tempted to remove the Spotify account from Sonos, and then add it back in. That would force a new handshake with the Spotify server, and make sure it picks up the ‘premium’ flag.