So long Sonos

  • 20 April 2021
  • 3 replies

Just got the Roam.  Was very excited to buy it.  Unfortunately it is not S1 compatible.  Setting up a split system with S1 and S2 seems unnecessarily complicated, take down S1, add S2, recreated S1, etc.  Alternatively I could just throw out my first generation S5 speakers and replace them at $500 a piece - oh wait, there is the 30% discount … seriously?

The whole thing just turned into a very frustrating experience.  I have been a Sonos customer for a loooong time - will use my current system for the time being but done with Sonos.  Company does not stand behind it’s products and obviously doesn’t value long-time customers.

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3 replies

It’s indeed unfortunate you did no research before making your purchase of the Roam. It has been known since the announcement of the S1 / S2 split that any new Sonos speaker will not work with S1. 

I hope you’re able to recover your investments in Sonos. They do tend to keep their value fairly well. 

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S1 will not let us do all the things the new devices can and will do going forward. Those old Gen 1 speakers with 64mb of ram cannot handle what the new 1Gb ram Sonos ones will be able to do. Including hi-fi audio, possible surround expansion 7.2,9.2?, etc 

It probably would’ve been best to keep the roam on Bluetooth to be honest and just keep all the S1 gear together