S2 compatibility

  • 11 June 2020
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I downloaded the new S2 app for Mac, opened it up and it said "This system includes products that aren't compatible with Sonos S2". I have two Play 1, two Play 3 and one Move. According to the chart these should be compatible. No? Why am I getting that message? Thanks.



Best answer by jmilt7 11 June 2020, 18:29

Actually, it seems to be working now. Odd.

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4 replies

Hi.  Don’t try to use the desktop app for this.  Use a mobile controller.

Thanks but I prefer the desktop app. Much more convenient for me. Is there something wrong with the desktop app?

It no longer does admin tasks, just music control.  I am just talking about this setup exercise.

It may be that it is supposed to work for this exercise but I have seen a few posts now with this issue and the best solution is use a mobile app.

Actually, it seems to be working now. Odd.