S1 app issues

  • 29 March 2021
  • 3 replies

Inadvertently, downloaded S2 app and my Sonos speakers are S1 compatible. When deleted S2 app, and reinstalled S1 app, it only shows S2. Can I delete app and reinstall S1 app as currently all speakers not working as says not compatible on S2 app?

3 replies

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Did you upgrade your speakers to S2 per chance after you installed the S2 app?

If not then simply run the S1 app and “connect to existing system”.

I don’t understand what “it only shows S2” means.

If you did upgrade your speakers to S2 then you must now use the S2 app to control them.

Thanks! I believe my son upgraded one of the speakers to S2. But I have six other speakers which are all only S1 compatible. My computer is showing S1 app but when I click on it, the app automatically goes to S2. I want to delete this app and re-install. Thanks 

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Still not quite understanding “when I click on it, the app automatically goes to S2“ - please supply a screenshot  of what is happening here.

Looks like you are on the PC, the S1 app for PC has a dark grey icon. (The S2 icon is a beige color, avoid that).