rip off

  • 28 January 2020
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£2000 on speakers. 5 years later not able to update and have to ‘trade up’. 
What a rip off.



4 replies

Depends on how many speakers for that amount. If 10 or more, no. If 4 or less, absolutely. In between 10 and 4, grey area.

PS: from the point of view of the environment - in every case.

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Looking at your profile, isn’t most of your stuff current?

You are not required to trade in any of your legacy speakers.  Sonos has pledged to continue supporting existing functionality, bug fixes and such, after May.

Thanks, I have a 5 which they’re suggesting I replace, and a bridge and boost (can’t remember which one of those but one of them)..

I’ll stick to what I have then, to be fair I don’t use the latest voice-activation etc.. just good ole fashioned Napster, cheers