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  • 14 November 2018
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There's a thread where a few of us were discussing Sonos naming of products as to how they can sometimes cause confusion for the poster and those trying understand exactly what is being asked. A prime example is the Sonos One vs the Play:1 wherein the poster will refer to the speaker as the "One", "1" ,"Sonos 1" or any combination in the same post:?. You get the idea.

That said...given the impending launch of the Sonos: AMP and the human propensity to shorten words and/or's inevitable that "AMP" will eventually be used generically in posts to refer to either the Sonos: AMP and/or the Connect: AMP. Let the games (confusion) begin 😉

Just for fun here's a Poll where you can vote for one of the alternate names below for the Sonos: AMP; or just express your opinion. Note: The possible names suggested were chosen with considerable thought. It consumed all of my morning shower...about 15 minutes! :8

This is for fun...Sonos is not going to change the name of the product.

Which name for the Sonos: AMP...or Not?

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4 replies

I voted for the heck of it, but honestly, it's way too late to change the product name. As well, I think it's important to remember that the amp is primarily a product used by professional installers. In those scenarios, they are selling whole systems, and I'd think more generic names that describe what the product does is probably easier to sell.

I do kind of like Sonos Power, but it is a little cheesy...sounds a little comic book-y. Plus, I see this conversation happening often.

[Person 1] What version of the amp do you have?
[Person 2] I have the Power.
[Person 1] Ok He-man, say hello to Skeletor for me.
I would like to see Sonos end confusion forever across all of their products by adopting a logical naming standard in the form of:

brand familiy series model

brand is always Sonos

family is the type of product, amp, speaker, soundbar, etc Whatever makes the marketing folks happy

series is the first digit of a 3 digit number to group consecutive versions of a similar product so the Play1 and Sonos 1 would be in the 100s, the Play3 in the 200s, All generations of Play5 in the 300s, etc.

The final 2 digits will be a model number and is just incremented as new products supersede previous ones within the group.

Using this method the Play1 becomes the Sonos Speaker 101 and the Sonos 1 becomes the Sonos Speaker 102. In shorthand you can refer to a Speaker 101 or a Speaker 102 with zero chance of confusion. Calling them a Sonos 101 or Sonos 102 still keeps things clear and you can even just say a 101 or a 102 and it is still precise.

The Play3 becomes the Speaker 201, the Play5s become the Speaker 301 and Speaker 302.

The Playbar Playbase and Beam become the Sonos Theater 501, 502, and 503 or 501, 511, and 521 if Sonos wants to use the second digit to further subdivide the category.

The Connect and Connect Amp could be Sonos Connect 702 and Amp 802 which will make the new amp the 803.

The 900s can be used for bridges, boosts, docks, etc.

Worst case if somebody shortens down to just the model number in a discussion there will never be any chance for confusion while the full name still provides enough description to satisfy marketing.
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That sounds very practical but it will interfere with the current naming prank cooked up by marketing over a few too many lunch-time drinks and intended to drive the support folks to tears. (At least that is what I suspect happened.)

Seriously I like it but would shoehorn the original Zone Players and Amps into the mix.

Maybe use 100, 300 and 500 so the current 1,3 and 5 old and new numbers kinda line up? Make the new One the 200 as it is so different than the 1 and they are now intended for different uses, surrounds versus full featured speaker.

That would bump the bars up to 600, still leaving 700 and 800 for the connects and amps and 900 for accessories with 400 open if they do a new line of speakers that isn't close to the old Play 3.

100 - Play 1
200 - Sonos One
300 - Play 3
400 -
500 - Play 5
600 - Base, Bar, Beam (maybe use 610, 620 and 630 saving the 600 as a class identifier?
700 - Zone Player, Connect
800 - Zone Amp, Connect Amp, Sonos Amp
900 - Accessories - Boost...

If they outgrow this adding a digit and opening up 1000 to 9000 wouldn't sound too odd or be confusing.

If they outgrow this adding a digit and opening up 1000 to 9000 wouldn't sound too odd or be confusing.

Don't worry. Even at the new "accelerated" pace of product development Sonos wouldn't outgrow this scheme in our lifetime.