Remember me in login does not work

  • 19 January 2018
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30 replies

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Er, but it doesn't remember the email address. That's the point.

Original question from camillo777 is about auto logging in, based on their follow-up, which is what we've been looking into, as our understanding also was that it was supposed to auto-login.
Now, that the actual functionality of the tickbox has been clarified, your email address is not being remembered, so we'll look into that separately. :)

Couldn't find a way of deleting, so had to blank out
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" "Remember me" is only for remembering the email, and nothing else. It doesn't keep the user logged in or auto log the user in. This is a shared feature of the entire login mechanism."
So, long story short, it's not supposed to auto-login, and InSided can't force that due to data security.
If you do experience a smooth auto login, it's most likely a browser feature or setting.

Most other systems allow you to log in and to stay logged in, even if you close the browser completely. This was how it used to work, until Insided fiddled around with the forums, which seemed to coincide with needing different logins for different countries forums. This forum is the only one that I have to log into every.... single.... time.... that I come back to it.
It is broken - please fix it.

Agreed, out of all the forums and websites I use, this is the only one where I have to log into every time.
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Cookies were invented for this purpose...
Before being used for tracking user shopping preferences.
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Turn off the forum remember me option and tell your browser to remember and fill in the login information.

For me enabling the remember me never worked right.