Question about adding polls or MC questions

  • 4 August 2021
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I know this is more of a help/issue community forum on specific issues but wondering if their would be a benefit to adding the ability to add multiple choice questions or polling questions. It might be beneficial to not only users and potential users but also Sonos as well. Not sure if this forum has the abiyto do so but wanted to plant the seed and get people’s thoughts. 

5 replies

Sonos uses a purchased piece of software from inSided to run these forums, so they can only provide what inSided provides them in the package. Whether that includes those specific items, I have no idea.

That being said, I’m not sure there’s a lot of call for polls, or multiple choice issues. When dealing with software, the answers tend to be more yes/no or “this is the way it works” . There’s not a lot of room for opinion there. Now, if there was more discussion around “I like this band, what do you think”, then I do think your suggestions would be on point.  But for a hardware/software support community, I’m not sure there’s a huge gain there. But not zero, either. 

It’s not a feature that I would use as a poll taker or reader.

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I appreciate you answering me honestly. The first is, “can the system do it” and second, would anyone use it. I see a large variety of applications on other sites and it can be helpful. I also can see the applications here. As the several of you are long time posters and members of this site I also see why you may not see value but for new and potential buyers I can see some opportunities there. It could be about number of music services and what music services are used, the types of configurations used, the number units and types, etc.. It’s an easy way to get information in a simple straightforward manner and then follow up with comments. Here’s one as an example that I would ask:

In a room around 12” x 12” give or take, what configuration have you, or would you use primarily for daily use music?

  1. 1 One (or One SL)
  2. 2 Ones ( or One SLs)
  3. 1 Move
  4. 1 or 2 Roams
  5. 1 Five
  6. Other

Easy way to see what the majority is going for and then some comments may provide additional insight steering one way or the other.


How often do you move your One(s) or Five(s) to a different room to use during the course of a month on average?

  1. Never
  2. Infrequently (1-5 times a month)
  3. Sometimes (6-10 times a month)
  4. Frequently (11-15 times a month)
  5. A lot (greater than 16 times a month)
  6. I have a Move or Roam so I use that in different rooms

I’m not against polls in general, but I think in terms of recommendations for which speakers to use where, it’s best just to ask, as each room and purpose tends to be different.  I also think people will try to use polls as evidence that Sonos needs to implement their favorite product or feature, even if it makes no business sense.

We had polls on the old software.  The polls usually consisted of a plea for someone’s pet functionality (HiDef support, a Windows Phone app, an “audiophile” version of the Connect, etc.) and then 100’s to thousands of single post (or zero post) posters signing up to vote after a call to arms at some enthusiast site. 

Then we’d have 40 pages of trying to explain to the poll creator why the results are not statistically valuable or reflective of the actual market.  Good riddance to polls.