Please allow PayPal payment on items with backorder status

  • 18 August 2021
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Please allow customers to use PayPal as a payment option when an item shows backorder status.  Currently only Credit Card is allowed.


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3 replies

I haven’t checked, but there may be rules that they’re following from PayPal, or even GAAP rules around that.  I do know there are rules as to when payment can be taken, and if it’s not an immediate thing, it may not be there to be taken in the future from PayPal. 

Agreed that it would certainly help the customer.

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Hi @rclopp  - as mentioned by Bruce there may be a reason that we’re unable to allow PayPal payments for backordered units, however I’ll be happy to forward your request to the relevant team :)

Thanks for the replies.  Please investigate further or forward to the relevant team. Even if nothing more than a one time exception to policy so I can purchase an item that is continually in backorder status.

best wishes!