Play alarm on more than one room

  • 27 April 2019
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It's not possible to select more than one room when setting up a alarm. You can select play on grouped rooms, but you are not always certain that the desired rooms is in the group.
It would be so nice if you could select more rooms. Drop the radio buttons and make check boxes instead

9 replies

This seems like a no brainer to me. I can’t believe this isn't possible right now.
An old topic resurrected.

It has never been a priority for Sonos to do this, as customer demand for it was always quite small, but it might also not be as easy to do as we think ...My guess is the demand isn’t worth the effort, or cost involved, to do this. No doubt though some folk will not let sleeping dogs lie.

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This is something I would also like to have on my Sonos at home.
I would like to have two separate rooms having the very same Tunein radio station starting to play at the same exact time (7:15 am), so it would be perfect to have the possibility to group (at least) two different rooms.

I would need the same thing, play morning radio in my kitch as well as my office.

Until Sonos creates such an ability, why not just set up two alarms, one for each room?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve done, but as I’ve read from the other comments, it’s out of sync. I’ll see for myself tomorrow!

As long as you’re setting it as two different alarms, it will always be out of sync. I have the same issue when I play TuneIn from a web browser on my desktop, and their player on an iPad. The internet doesn’t have any way to comprehend that they’re the same stream, so each device requests a separate one. Which will, unfortunately, rarely, if ever, be in sync. 

They are perfeclty in sync when grouped manually, but not when you star the alarm on both of them at the same time. I don’t understand why the alarm would not be able to groupe them automatically…

+1 on this, would love to have multiple speakers to be playing simultaneously via an alarm!